Acoustimass 7 hook up

Acoustimass 7 hook up

Bose is bad about using proprietary wire which has terminals on them which correspond to unique Bose jacks. Generally when we speak of the input to the sub we are referring to it's input from the receiver and when we speak of outputs we refer to outputs to the speakers. Then hook up your speaker wire directly from the receiver to the speakers. As a result the overall output from the Bose will be much richer sounding than any other satellite system that I have heard. Nevertheless, I am going to assume these are line level inputs on the sub rather than speaker level.

In fact the Acoustimass is not a sub woofer at all and you'd be well served to get a sub woofer as well. That is my complete unbiased opinion av.

In fact the Acoustimass isThat is my complete

That is an advantage of the Bose, that you have the Acoustimass and you can add a sub woofer. Thank you to everyone who contributes and lends their expertise to this forum.

Because the Bose Acoustimass does the switching. Since the cubses are really small the Acoustimass takes the place of a woofer and switches at a much higher frequency than a typical sub woofer. So, while each speaker may be superior to the Bose, the overall sound is worse.

Just plug it into either right or left input on the sub if it has more than one line level in. What you will do is connect from the receiver to the sub with a subwoofer cable.