Adriana karembeu dating

Adriana karembeu dating

She won the local modeling competitions that she was involved in. The two had been dating each other all along for three years.

Her father, Miroslav worked as an engineer while her mother was a physician. She really had a romantic relationship with him as she was also found with him in the public places making love with him. Career Adriana Karembeu went to study medicine at Medical Faculty of Charles University where she indulged in modeling for the first time.

The pair tied the knot later that year in December. She is a tall girl with six feet and one inch height and she is also of average weight. This was in where she acted as a go-go dancer. As a footballer, he have had played from several European giants like Real Madrid, Middleborough, Olympiacos and many more.

Her father Miroslav worked

Won Vienna Fashion Award She has been nominated in lots of prestigious awards and she has also won some of them. She is the daughter of Zlatica and Miroslav. This motivated her to take this career professionally. She is now married with Aram Ohanian. The following year, she crossed paths with Christian Karembeu and fell head over heels for each other.

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