Now though, all that has changed

Alice fredenham and danny o'donoghue dating

It used to be about one in ten people would know us, now it's like, everyone. She could prove us wrong and sell a million records but that's the game.

She had talent yes

Either they haven't looked after their voice or they couldn't even sing in the first place but you get a rude awakening coming on the show. She had talent, yes, but when you're going up against the best of the best in England, she couldn't cut it.

That's quite a broad range. We weren't romantically involved, that's not the case. For me, I wasn't into her, Jessie wasn't into her, Tom wasn't into her, Will wasn't into her. Now though, all that has changed.

The pair have been spending a lot of time together and have been spotted out in several London hot spots including Shoreditch House over the weekend. Long distance relationships are hard no matter who's in them or where you are.

This is about shining a light on a talent that time forgot. But Danny denied any fling between him and Bo, whose album is out this week.

Part of the show is creating a winner, it's not really up to the show whether she makes it or not, it's up to the label. Simon was so taken with her he even Tweeted about her after the show.

Having a second crack is fine. He is genuinely shocked that none of the other coaches turn for some of the acts.

Either they haven't looked