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That it did not may say less about Fraser's persuasiveness than about the seductive spell that contemporary art-making seems to cast. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

And I believe that we can understand those structures if we educate ourselves well enough. And the irony, the ambivalence, of that kind of reception is that it basically only happens when art becomes sensationalized.

One of my sisters, who lives in Massachusetts, came to see the show. The collector enters, and then begins a filmed seduction whose detailed contractual terms were worked out in advance by the artist's gallery. It was about taking the economic exchange of buying and selling art and turning into a very personal, human exchange. It would be easy to conclude that Fraser's intellectual apparatus might have cooled the ardor of the most passionate suitor.

All of these conditions are an important part of the piece. Outside the art world she will be labelled a slut and a nut. The contractual agreement, arranged by Friedrich Petzel Gallery, was proposed by Fraser as an assertion against the commoditization of art.

Fraser, while edging towards more controversial elements of nudity and sexual display, had yet produce her most controversial work to date. The work is based on the transcripts of real psychoanalytic consultations, adapted into twelve monologues and alternated so that Fraser plays the roles of both analyst and patient.

View all New York Times newsletters. So I called my mother, I called one of my sisters, and I called my father.

Is it a post-feminist piece? My own experience of doing the piece was really very empowering and quite in line with my understanding of my own feminism. You know, I grew up with some sense of art history. What do I want it to mean?

But the presentation in Chelsea, at Friedrich Petzel Gallery, was site-specific. Courtesy Friedrich Petzel Gallery.

Perhaps unsurprisingly Untitled caused ripples within the art world and beyond. Untitled is not really a site-specific work. The resulting videotape is a silent, unedited sixty-minute document shot in a hotel room with a stationary camera and existing lighting. Is it any more prostitution because I happen to be having sex with a man than it would be if I were just selling him a piece?

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So is the audience is always right? But on the other side, artists also have to acknowledge and recognize the diversity of interpretations, even hostile interpretations, as legitimate.

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THE WAY WE LIVE NOW ENCOUNTER Sex Art and Videotape - The New York Times

Fraser has received fellowships from Art Docent Matter Inc. In fact, I was much more concerned about using him. They are all true in the sense that they arise within the framework of objective structures that exist and that we are a part of. But what happens with a work like this that becomes sensationalized is that it leaves the art world and gets taken up by the non-art media, then as an artist you really lose control over it. My mother went to the Art Students League in the fifties and continued painting for many years.

It had to be based on trust. The art world will likely call her a narcissistic show-off. Her performances, despite having serious undertones, are often presented in a humorous, ridiculous, or satirical manner.

My family has been very supportive. At first, when I was only doing private screenings, most people said they were surprised at how intimate the sex seemed. It is safe to assume that transactions just like it are taking place this very minute in hotel rooms around the world.

THE WAY WE LIVE NOW 6-13-04 ENCOUNTER Sex Art and Videotape

Andrea Fraser

Andrea Fraser's works in the collection. American performance artist and practitioner of institutional critique Andrea Fraser has created an impressive body of work that examines the political and economic structures of the art world. Fraser was born in Billings, Montana and grew up in Berkeley, perl programming books California.

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In a way, I am now impervious to physical exposure and voyeurism. For many years, Annie Sprinkle, a sex worker turned artist, gave performances at which she invited members of the audience to examine her cervix through a speculum.

So, that was my experience. Fraser is well represented in public collections in Britain, France and Germany, but considered too daring for an American retrospective. It was my idea, it was my scenario, I was producing a piece that I would own, I was very much in control of the process. If those interpretations are not what we intended, it may mean that we made a mistake, and they represent the failure of our intentions. Read Next Save to wishlist.