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Once you start using it, you'll have one less excuse to eat out. Mint budgets keeps you on track for your goals and a new bill paying feature make sure that you never miss a payment. We particularly like the ability to report weather conditions in your area and the extremely useful comparative forecasts that deftly show how conditions have changed since yesterday. If an event isn't being organized on Facebook, it's probably being done through Eventbrite. In a world rife with messenger apps, WhatsApp is among the most successful, boasting an enormous and dedicated user base.

Best of all is the amount of control it gives you over how filters and effects are applied to your images. Sure, it'll do the Instagram-ish filters, but it also lets you make fine adjustments to images with a beautiful, simple interface. The app includes tons of visual customization options that you won't find with the stock messaging app, including custom contact colors, text bubble styles, and notification icons. The recently announced Google Lens can even report back information related to your images or photos by scanning them. It even includes some light image editing tools.

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Between its questionable business tactics and its bad press, it's understandable to be suspicious. You can even use it to order food in some areas. Anchor even implements some basic audio editing tools for perfecting each clip in the app. But even with all that, the sheer number of apps on Google Play means many of the best can often get lost, while weaker ones sometimes rise to the top. It's a powerful tool with an excellent interface, and new features are added regularly.

And unlike other payment systems, it has momentum. Easily add favorite recipes, manage shopping lists, and find new recipes you'll love based on those you already like. Textra also has excellent light and dark modes. This app straddles the line between full-fledged image editor and filter app, all in a sleek and attractive package.

The app also has a vibrant community of beer drinkers that can point you toward new discoveries, and an extensive list of beers. Additionally, it implements a host of anti-theft features including remote locate, lock and wipe, as well as the ability to sound an alarm. It's simple, clean, and easily handles voice and video calling. While the value of Groupon's offerings is sometimes debatable, it offers a useful way to try a new restaurant or a totally new activity in your area. One with the newest camera.

Remember the bad old days of ordering food? The app is aimed at helping you sleep better through a series of relaxation techniques, including mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, muscle relaxation, and commitment therapy. You could use it to help redecorate your living room or even to help you choose a tattoo artist. The app also doubles as a task manager, keeping you on top of what needs to be done. If you want to keep your browsing discreet, Opera offers a private browsing mode.

The official Amazon Kindle apps puts all of your existing Amazon ebook purchases at the tips of your fingers, and it gives you mobile access to the Kindle ebook store for impulse purchasing. Hulu may offer more shows that are currently on air and the ability to get broadcast channels, but the sheer volume of movies and shows on Netflix is still remarkable. Play a game with room for all your moves. It can even capture doodles and notes from a whiteboard.

Tasker is very intimidating. It's also a handy way to find your favorite brew near your current location. Among its top features are an excellent user interface, support for all major tax forms, and innovative help options. The catch is that whatever you send will vanish after a few seconds. Here in New York, it even tells you how many bikes are parked at local Citi Bike stands.

The sorts of things the app imagines you storing include passport numbers, social security numbers, credit card information and the like, but you can use it for anything. You can even use the app to do the speaking for you, and input text through your camera or handwriting. For those unmissable games, you can set alerts and follow specific matches as they unfold. It's usually the app people ask about when the group is splitting up the check. With an accompanying set of useful widgets, it's the best weather app on Android.

Android P introduced a good range of app-specific improvements, so we also prioritize those apps that use new system features and reflect the latest visual styles. If you're traveling within a major metropolitan area via either public transportation or personal vehicle, Citymapper can plan all your trip details. Word plugs into Microsoft's cloud infrastructure to keep your documents in order, but its main selling point is that this really is Word.

You're terrible at passwords. This very capable app sports many features, but we particularly like one called the Any. Attendees get handy reminders about the events they planned to attend, organizers can see guest lists. Performance is just as smooth as the stock Pixel Launcher and it doesn't affect the use of Google Assistant, though of course, Cortana would feel more at home as your voice assistant.

Our favorite feature is gestures, which might not always be efficient but are definitely cool to use. It also offers a diary to record your sleeping progress.

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Best free Android apps of the week. Google Photos puts the search giant's powerful image-discerning magic into your phone. Android One phones always run the simplest, microsoft .net framework 2.0 latest version of Android.

It also has hyper-specific playlists that appeal to particular tastes and moods, such as Yacht Rock. Though its interface is a bit tricky, Stitcher connects you with just about every podcast out there. You can listen to what Slacker thinks you'll like, or try out one of its human-curated channels and playlists. This keyboard is useful for everything from writing emails to composing social media posts to editing long-form documents. If you think it's just a lowly Instagram clone, you're wrong.

You can view everything all at once if you want, but Feedly also lets you categorize your sources for focused reading or use its Today tab, which shows you the top stories from each category. Eve by Glow lets you track physical and emotional states, which can lead to some important insights when you take the time to interpret your own data. And the other dozen people have their own schedules to contend with. Opera also takes it easy on your data plan with special compression tools and ad-blocking software. Shows can in turn be organized into playlists for a continuous stream.

For all our technical savvy and disruptive startups, physical package delivery is still the backbone of ecommerce. After a major overhaul to this powerful password manager, its appearance finally matches its performance.

The 100 Best Android Apps for 2019

What you make on your phone will look exactly the same on the desktop. It replaces Google Now with a useful and customizable feed for quick access to recent apps, events, and frequently contacted people. Songkick is the bridge between the music in your digital collection and concerts in your area.

Textra is an excellent alternative to Messages on Android. It even works on your watch and while using other Android apps!