An Interim Report of the Season

Archaeological data dating patriarchs

Some identify them

These consist of ancient texts rather than artefacts. We are compelled to conclude that the narratives of Genesis have a solid historical basis. Thus, it is hard for these two towns to have been destroyed by an asteroid air burst in B. There is certainly no reason to identify the well dug by Abraham with the one at Tel Beersheba. The best that can be said is that they have a ring of authenticity and that they do not now appear as far-fetched as was once thought.

To argue that this figure too results from the totalling of concurrent periods is surely a case of special pleading. Some identify them with a Hurrian ruling class who, through superior weaponry and strategy dominated Syria, Canaan and the Lower Kingdom of Egypt. The problem has been resolved by the conclusion that the dynasties involved were all partly contemporary. According to Van Seters, the main problem is that this interpretation must supply the story with missing point of comparison and then reconstruct the text to agree with it.

To argue that this

Rast suggested an earthquake or an external attack. An Interim Report of the Season, edited by R. It has been suggested that the identification of Salem with Jerusalem would suit the route taken by Abraham on his return from Damascus to Hebron after rescuing Lot and his family.

Shur was a region, not a specific locality, and the references do not indicate occupation or otherwise. But Wright's assumption that the platform was an altar may well be incorrect. This date should not be considered exact, since some small leeway must be allowed for the dating of Solomon's reign, and the figures of and may themselves be round estimates. We may conclude therefore that the burden of proof is very much on those who would deny a second millennium context for the patriarchs. Hamilton points out that this absence is most likely due to the lack of contact between the Tigris-Euphrates and Canaan before that time.

The following three points must be borne in mind. The main difficulty, apart from the translational difficulties inherent in the text of vv. Charges of provable anachronisms no longer carry the weight that they once had. The parallel is therefore somewhat artificial. Thomas Schaub, and Walter E.