Are kian and jc dating divas

Are kian and jc dating divas

Without warning the pressure on your

Later on in life he legally changed his name to Justin Cloud Caylen. You arched your back, Trevor taking your feet in his hands, his eyes blinking up at you. He is currently making videos on the KianandJc channel with Kian Lawley. You pulled back, your eyes closed, but smiling wide.

He sighed and shook his head sadly, before simply walking right out the room. His hands flew out, grasping your hips as you toppled downwards in a fit of laughter. This nickname has stuck and has become a name which he prefers to go by.

But you have to know that I will never think of anyone the way I think of you. Kian smiled weakly, pulling you up from the ground and into his chest.

You knocked his front, your head sliding over his shoulder, his own two arms slinking around your waist. Trevor lay sprawled on the floor, and Kian stood above you, his hand extended. Ricky snorted from the couch, and pulled out his phone.

You shook beneath him your leg

Trevor rolled across the floor so that he had you pinned beneath him. You, Kian Lawley, are mine, and only mine.

Without warning the pressure on your belly was gone, and you sat bolt upright in confusion. You shook beneath him, your leg slipping, causing you to roll sideways, with Trevor collapsing on top of you. He kept his eyes glued to his lap, so you bent forward and pecked his rosy lips gingerly to get his attention. Kian pressed himself into you, his lips curving happily as they brushed against yours. He also has a quote, a wishbone, and a smiley face.