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They might be worth the risk. Some pals can pull it off. You might be thinking about tying the knot, or even already married.

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You simply find one another mediocre not saying that you are. Lucky for us, there are numerous types of these ridiculous situations that fall under the unofficial relationship category. There would be no jealousy, no silly stupid fights that couples have, and no hurt feelings or broken hearts. Some people just don't want to jump into a relationship as fast as some people.

Or maybe it might be time to start looking for someone who wants their strings attached. The Sugar State has some of the most amazing food, jazz and blues music, art and literature, and outdoor recreation of any place on Earth. This person has major potential to be something romantically serious in the future.

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Stunning white winters, colorful springs and falls, and sunny warm summers make Maine perfect for any type of date. And, of course, we have to talk about the food in Nebraska. Missouri has dozens of cool attractions, and a few of the most celebrated are the Gateway Arch, Silver Dollar City amusement park, and the St. Read our classic ebook How to Be a Something.

But they have similar personalities and lifestyles, dedicated to their jobs, families, and communities. Not only does Iowa have some of the most awe-inspiring scenery around rolling plains, quaint farmhouses, decades-old bridges, miles-long cornfields, etc. He said that he doesn't want to be official until he knows he can fully commit himself to her. With so many people and so many ways to meet them, you're basically guaranteed to find a treasure in the Treasure State, and that treasure will be in the form of a date. Most likely, you should move on.

Just an absolute fucking nightmare. He said that he unofficially dated this girl who he really liked for a long time but they never got together offiicially. The highlight of your day is meeting up by the water cooler to giggle at your precious inside jokes or gossip about others in the office because you trust them enough to do so. You would have the freedom to see other people.

You had your glory days being single, but those days are over because you found someone worthy of a relationship, and maybe someone you love. You both have a lot in common and same sense of humor. Some might call it a type of unofficial relationship.

In terms of dating venues, your options include museums and historical landmarks, parks, trails, and gardens, water recreation, art galleries, musicals and operas, and all kinds of restaurants. So much that you might want them all to yourself. The two of you have this unspoken mutual agreement to continue hooking up till you find someone better, someone relationship-worthy. Kansas, another Midwestern gem, is among the most productive agricultural states, growing gorgeous sunflowers as well as delicious corn, soybeans, and sorghum.

The state is home to the oldest Baptist church in the Americas, the First Baptist Church of Providence, and the first fully automated post office. Another fun fact a friend and his wife told me is that Boise, the capital, surprisingly has some of the best Mexican food they've ever had.