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However, Pleasure P's over-protective girlfriend Shay Johnson has her doubts about this group getting back together. At the same time, Kitty finds both herself and her mom in some serious beef with Shay Johnson over their association with an old friend of hers. Financial disagreements with management and a controversial breakup followed, which lead Marcus to pursue a solo career.

During it was announced Birdman wasHowever when the pair moves back

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We may provide additional information that we have collected about you both directly and automatically to these third parties. Proud of her Latin roots, Veronica Vega is a singer, dancer, and all-around performer who has her eyes on the prize and isn't letting up until her dreams become a reality.

Bobby LytesCast Member Bobby Lytes Hailing from a rough area in the Miami suburb of Homestead, flamboyant, brash, and colorful are terms which can easily be used to describe Bobby Lytes. Birdman has made numerous references to her in his music, including releasing a song named after her. He expressed his feelings for Wayne in an interview in Tim Westwood's radio show, where he also addressed the innocent photo of them kissing mouth to mouth like a father and son. In addition, your user name will be viewable by other users, along with a profile picture if you have chosen to upload one.

Shortly after the traumatic fall, she turned to music. However, when another woman enters P's life, best believe Shay will fight for what she believes is hers. Pleasure P is the group's only singer while the rest of them take roles as rappers. Well-versed in the temptations of this sultry city, Michelle knows very well that monogamy and Miami do not mix.

During it was announced Birdman was set to release a mixtape with his long-time friend Rick Ross titled The H. However, when the pair moves back to Miami after some time in Atlanta, the vicious pull of addiction and the city's violence may threaten to bring their good thing to an end. However, when Amara mounts a crossover to the American mainstream market, it's her look and image, as well as rivalries with her one-time friends, which may be a bigger obstacle than her talent. Allstars was released prior to the release of that album. Gabby searches for modeling opportunities and the possibility of rekindling a flame with her old beau, Pleasure P.

When Gunplay returns to Miami to get to work, Miami Tip gives him far more than he bargained for, leading to a messy mix up with his girlfriend, Keyara. This Chicago native overcame some rocky teenage years to enroll in college and eventually find work in the automotive industry. However, when he encounters his ex, Jeffrey, Malik may decide to choose love over what he feels is his need to maintain a heterosexual facade for business purposes. With a fantastic new body courtesy of her fitness regimen, Shay has brought herself to South Beach in the hopes of furthering her relationship with her boyfriend of two years, Pleasure P. Birdman was reported to be upset with this.