Includes essays by Duccio K

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Candice Breitz, a mid-career South African video artist, is a student and observer of popular culture in America. Included also is an interview with the artist. He himself became a central figure on the local art scene and part of the Ecole de Tunis. Unlike the Orientalist painters, Belkahia and other Moroccan painters of his generation were not looking for the exotic.

Marignoli, Enrico Mascelloni, Sarenco. Though Belkahia now lives in Marrakech, he has traveled widely and imbibed many cultures, yet his work remains firmly and confidently rooted in Morocco. Polls show Americans are his power to broker that peace- ing his authority to employ the two decades, is sponsored by the overwhelmingly weary of war and ful agreement. Although the villagers don't know quite what to make of Seni and her art, she continues to work to support her family and to satisfy her own creative urge. In an interview in this volume Amer elaborates on how this feminist theory manifests itself in her work.

She created murals on public buildings in Freetown. The originality and inventiveness of their work is apparent, but it did not spring from nothing.

Seni Camara Serigne Mbaye Camara lives

Avedissian, Chant, Avedissian, Chant. Seni Camara Serigne Mbaye Camara lives with her husband and family in the village of Bigona in the Casamance region in southern Senegal.

Well-illustrated monograph documenting this mid-career artist. Objects, texts and images interact freely, without being sorted into distinct categories. He now runs a thriving art enterprise located in a large outdoor studio on a busy roundabout in Kuamsi. Movie stars and celebrity musicians fascinate her. Her working and spiritual environment is Tangier, Morocco, where she documents and celebrates the real people, telling the non-official stories of survival, adaptation and resourcefulness.

Avedissian Chant Avedissian

Text in English and French. Feminism and gender issues which had never germinated in the larger socio-political struggle against apartheid, now in burst forth in the explicitly sexual and violent work of Lisa Brice. Yet he remains firmly rooted in the original Tingatinga sensibility.

This mid-career retrospective looks at his early wood works, complex maze-like puzzles - - Boshoff learned wood working from his carpenter father. The single essay by Dominique Stella gives some context to his these works. Behind the charming, easy-going artist we meet a man mysterious even to his dearest friends.

More than seventy of her works are presented here. Barrada explores her city as a place many are waiting to leave, seeking better lives in Europe.