The couple went one day at a time

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In time this would no longer be a sort of a psycho-escape route but a foundation for a bright future career. Although it seems that Geo and David hate each other, they are actually very close. The couple went one day at a time. He loved making videos and posting them on social media but never it crossed it mind that it will one day be his profession.

Though born in America, he has a Taiwanese and Cantonese origin. It became the turning point of his life that drives his career to the entertainment world. The channel is opened up in after their wedding day. Green teas also helped him in the area of burning fats and speeding up his metabolism.

David has said that he sees Geo as an older sister. Bart Kwan says the most essential part of his transformation was his healthy diet choices.

In time this wouldAlthough it seems that Geo and

He works on a satirical approach to expose. However he was born in America so is a born American national. With this touch of versatility, the reach of the channel will broaden to accommodate more fans with specific entertainment tastes. It was at this point that it dawned on him that his career path was in the entertainment world. He gives himself targets and once achieved, strives to break his last personal bests.

His most unique facial feature is his army styled hair cut as result of spending few years in Army right after his graduation. Bart Kwan is an average looking Asian man with a strong American speaking accent as a result of sending all his life in America. Already his looks reveal his Asian roots. Rather, he had studied medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. She has said that her parents would not allow her to go out a lot.