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Vettle has not found a way around the safety car and open up a gap from the field. The cars are still out on the track working their way back to the grid where mechanics are getting ready to greet them. Now we are being told drivers and teams will be given a ten minute warning to the resumption of the race. He comes out of the pits sporting a set of intermediates on his McLaren.

Problems for Alonso with the right front change. The safety features such as anti-lock braking system, radial brakes, riding modes and the traction control system. No not the car but the tires.

Tack that circle track races. The field is starting to cycle in for pit stops so this may not be as bad as it sounds once all is done. Webber his teammate has a new engine. Tire blankests are coming off and the grid clears.

Vettle has not found a

There have been reports of something called blue sky but they are not to be trusted. Who will pit and who will stay out and for how long. The rear monoshock too is fully adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping. Tire warmers go on and the drivers sit.

Trulli pits once again and gets out of the car. He must be within the rules for now. No news as to how long they may deploy him to lead the race parade. Few of its safety features are given below.

Everyone is back at the grid. It was its electronic wizardry that helped the German litre-class machine make its mark against its rivals.