Cassie scerbo and michael copon dating

Cassie scerbo and michael copon dating

She then drizzles it with balsamic vinaigrette and adds blackened and grilled chicken for proteins. No one does that on purpose, obviously. Cassie is alone right now, but she has a history of dating several men in the past.

She was one of the members of the all-girl American pop band, Slumber Party Girls. She has dated many men, but none of them were meant to be her husband. Also, she tries to refrain from eating potatoes, pasta, and bread. Personal Trainer Being a tomboy at heart, Cassie Scerbo relies on her boxing workout to keep her fit.

Being a fitness fan, Cassie is aware of how important right nutrition is and she makes sure that she is fueling up with nutrient-rich meals. Not only is she a singer but is also a talented actress and dancer. After her affair with Longo ended, she started dating Doug Reinhardt in the same year. She usually works out five to six times a week.

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For walking, she usually goes for a bit of a power walk. But it does seem to be a trend in the industry.

Occasionally, she would splurge on some feta cheese with her usual order. Unfortunately, the series lasted only for the first season.

She likes to start her day with scrambled egg whites and broccoli. After Doug, the Sharknado actress found love with a new boyfriend, Josh Bowman.

She's been linked to several men, but unfortunately, somehow all of her affairs in the past had failed. With her attractive looks and extraordinary talent, she has made a name for herself in both the movie and music industry.