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Miller has reported that she loves being a mom, especially to boys since she never had brothers. These supermodels could date anyone in the world, but instead they chose these less-than-super looking boyfriends.

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We will just have to assume there's more to Sarkozy than meets the eye. However, Brinkley was asked to star in one of his music videos and the hours they spent on set led to a relationship.

As a business mogul, Jay's empire continues to grow, and together, these two are unstoppable. He initially denied fathering Evangelista's son, Augustin James, but later reached a paternity settlement with her. It's nice to see a celebrity couple stay happy together! Society assumes that models are vapid and centered on outward appearances, but the love interests of some of these ladies speaks otherwise. The two met in the Warner Bros.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and these celebrities are happy and in love with their mates regardless of what the public may say. Miller and Guess began dating in and tied the knot a year later. More models than you would think are actually dating average looking guys. They all hit it off and when back in New York, zeunerts julmust online dating Joel started dating both Brinkley and one of her friends.

They're often spotted around New York with their two daughters as a picture perfect family. From the point of business moguls, the two seem like a great match. Email Copy Link Copied The entertainment industry is full of beautiful people. While they were separately vacationing in St. Maybe she has more substance than people assume because she also claimed to be a virgin until she was married.

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Seven years later, the two were married in Ireland. She has definitely packed on the pounds and it has really taken a toll on her appearance. In she was ranked the third highest paid supermodel in the world and yet, she chose a less than gorgeous husband. Barts, Joel hopped on the piano and drew the attention of the model and her friends. We're more perplexed on what Olsen finds attractive about Sarkozy.

They made a career out of being attractive so you'd think they would only surround themselves with bombshell guys as well, but you're wrong. When you think of a Victoria's Secret model, you think of a woman who has a bevy of men chasing her down. Perhaps Lima finally came to her senses and realized she was way too hot for her unattractive spouse. This man has good taste in women despite being rather unattractive.

At this point, Jay's outer appearance is secondary to him being a good husband to Bey, and a good father to their daughter, Blue Ivy. That relationship was practically over before it even began. Griffin Guess is a well-known music producer and has worked with people such as Kanye West.

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