It's the same here, Twilight

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They ran over to their bikes, but then looked at Sombra and Fluttershy. Fluttershy ran to the center of the tower, and allowed herself to be lifted to the platform above her. Sunset glared at Adagio, and then walked up to her, wrapping an arm around her.

Sombra motioned for Spike to change direction, and they moved to grab Fluttershy, immediately pulling her onto Spike. She then unleashed it as a golden laser, knocking back a good bit of the hornets and surprising Sombra. She and Spike were about to run to help too, but the Kolossus slammed its blade in their way and looked right at them, almost glaring at them. Celestia calmly walked toward the fight, holding out her hand and charging up her solar energy.

His entire body broke apart at that moment, and Celestia hugged herself tightly breaking down. She and Adagio walked off back to their room, but Sunset took one last look at the building they were leaving. As it exploded, Rarity jumped off and used her sword to block the second one's attacks.

Not too sure the hat's a good look though. They didn't know, but Sonata stepped out from behind a corner watching them. Inside the tower, Fluttershy was on the floor completely broken. After a second, Adagio wrapped her arms around Sunset, returning the gesture. But it's because of those friends that you have to live.

She turned and rode behind it and threw a kunai, but the megatank closed right before her attack hit. The Kolossus cried out in anger and thrashed around to throw Rarity off it, but she held her ground in determination. Celestia's eyes went wide hearing that voice. The two girls separated, a trail of saliva between them as they looked in each others eyes. Rarity kissed the phone and then hung up as the elevator opened up.

All I can do is project myself in the network, but I'll never be human again. This was the hardest she had ever cried in her life. Fluttershy flew over the Kolossus and tried to fly toward the tower, but she saw two tarantulas standing guard. Spike then jumped away from the krab and shot a green fireball out of his mouth at the krab, destroying it. Though my body will decay, your memories will always keep me alive.

This was theAll I can do

But to Trixie, it was one of the Discord clones. It didn't take long to get Twilight cured of the virus, which turned out to be of the same variety as the one that caused Rarity to be put in a state of perpetual fear months ago. Both of them were crying, but shockingly Dash was crying the hardest. She took to the skies using her wings flying around the bloks as the fired.

Ahead of them a megatank rolled in front of them, opened up, and fired at them, forcing the four girls to move out of the way of the attack. Fluttershy was about to fire at the tarantula, but two bloks started firing at her from her left.

Sunset and Applejack both grabbed one of the clones, but both of them were thrown off. Everyone gathered around Sombra's avatar as it slowly broke apart, Celestia sitting with Sombra resting his head on her lap. She tried to pulled her arm free, but stopped when she saw the Scyphozoa slowly change shape.

Just as she was about to attack though, a megatank's blast shot her in the side knocking her away. Instead, the other megatank rolled over her flattening her. Only, this Discord phased in and out like static for a second, and held his hand out charging up electricity. Spike was trying to focus on both the krab and tarantula in front of him, but seemed to be having trouble. To her though, it looked like the inside of a tower.