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Or in some cases it is for medical reasons that one is forced to remain non-op. In cases of the Female-to-Male individual this operation also includes removal of the Cervix, Ovaries, and Fallopian tubes.

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The totality of one's appearance when dressing, including voice, behavior, appropriateness of clothing for the situation, etc. An individual born with full or partial genetalia of both genders, or with underdeveloped genitalia. What one's society and culture says that Males and Females are like. Celebrating a recently born self awareness, this community is growing fast across all lines. National Transgender Advocacy Organizations in U.

Some opt for the Hysterectomy and Bottom Surgery involving creation of a penis from the clitoris and creation of a scrotum with testicular shaped implants. Action is performed by Female-to-Male Transsexuals. The third style of vaginoplasty is called colovaginoplasty and involves a cutting away and resecting of the cut ends of the sigmoid colon. Bi may show some interest in men but is primarily interested in women.

Term which is used by some individuals whom may or may not fit on the spectrum of Trans, or be labeled as Trans, but whom identify their gender and sexual orientation to be outside the assumed norm. Gender Phobia The irrational fear of those who are perceived to break and or blur cultural stereotypical gender roles, often assumed to be queer. Also there are some for whom monitary reasons prevent the surgery thus making them remain in a non-op mode either temporarily or for extended periods of time and in many cases for life. Expressed as negative feelings, attitudes, actions or behaviors against those perceived as breaking and or blurring cultural stereotypical gender roles. Suporn's method generally yields a deeper neovagina than the more standard penile inversion technique.

It should be noted however that

It should be noted however, that this process can seriously damage the busk of the corset. Dependant on context, it may be used as a positive or a negative term. This type of doctor can make sure that the MtF PostOp individual is checked foer this in the yearly checkup.

Most of these consist of Silicone shaped to look like a female breast and to have weight like a genuine natal breast would have. Person who can shift between masculine and feminine gender behaviour.

Lives in the Male role and identifies as Masculine. This surgery is also performed on natal Females in cases of cancer. Not all Transsexual persons from either case opt for this surgery.

Not disclosing, referenced to coming out Being secretive about an individual's own sexual orientation and or gender identity. Butch Acts more male like and is normally only interested in women. Outdated term for an Intersexxed person.