How to maximize your check

Consolidating private pensions and social security

Most of those affected are teachers and employees of state and local government. The years in a job covered by a pension instead of Social Security. However, if your spouse receives a survivor benefit after your death, it is reset to the original amount. Indeed, one of the reasons that some people delay taking their Social Security is to postpone the day when they have to pay taxes on their benefits.

To understand the issue, you need to understand how Social Security benefits are distributed across the wealth spectrum of wage-earners. Fortunately, any benefits that are withheld this way generally will come back to you. People who have worked only in jobs not covered by Social Security get a letter indicating that they are not eligible. If your pension payments start after you file, the adjustment will occur then.

How to maximize your check. Opponents have been pushing for repeal, so far to no effect. And because you're getting that money, a portion of your Social Security benefits looks like it will be taxable. Working longer in a Social Security-covered job before retiring might help. Many retirees perceive the two rules as grossly unfair.

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These two safeguards often come as big news to retirees.

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