Content analysis dating ads

Content analysis dating ads

The class has no access to the article beforehand. Students then partake in a debate wherein the instructor guides them back on track if they are getting off-topic, overly emotional, or missing each other entirely from a stasis theory standpoint. The instructor should also do their due diligence in researching the subject in general. As indicated above, instructions to be given to students are minimal intentionally so.

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To keep the group numbers equal, I somewhat lightheartedly pointed out that the pinnacle of achievement for any rhetorician is to be able to effectively argue a point with which they wholly disagree. Students will have varying degrees of knowledge on the subject. Nothing other than copies of the article distributed by the instructor at the beginning of class. The two groups each work to flush out and organize what they believe to be their most salient points.

For these reasons, the lesson plan might be particularly useful at the beginning of the semester, or later on if class participation begins lagging.

To keep the group numbers