Their murders remain unsolved

Dating a former meth addict

He's clearly an adult, and off screen he basically runs the show now, but his character Rusty has never aged. And he's quite handsome, too.

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Two of the Phoenix brothers provide a straight example and an aversion. Sadly, he died in when his apartment burned. As an adult her film roles were few and far between, and she was only marginally more successful after transitioning to television. He had recently made headlines after being found in a disheveled state, wandering around in Manila's airport after running away from home about four days prior.

Eventually, it claimed Corey Haim's life. Meanwhile, Alexei Fomkin had a few more roles, but got into drug problems, which caused him to lose roles and spiral further downward. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was very much like Michael.

Bobby Driscoll, who was Disney's golden boy during the s, is a very sad case. In an episode where Stewie becomes the star of a series of commercials, Peter and Lois take every advantage of him and exploit him and his money. Jonny Quest himself, for example, is now a paranoid junkie. Matthew Beard Stymie led a life of crime and drugs.

After struggling with maintaining her fading acting career and doing poorly in college as she grew up, she started a successful business in restoring and selling old houses. Jackie Cooper starred in some Our Gang comedies and was still a successful actor, director, and producer, most famous on screen as Perry White in the Superman film series starring Christopher Reeve.

The judge even sentenced him for mental examination after he went on a foul-mouthed tirade against the judge in court. The rest of Excelsior has faded into even further obscurity. His old contemporary and rival Tetran Cowall, on the other hand, stayed Imperial.

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