Geezzze, it was just a wild guess

Dating a male ballet dancer

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Others would visit promiscuous gyms in Soho during the day and take drugs before performing. That's what caused me to notice her. They know how they feel, they understand how you feel and they usually have the emotional intelligence to work on their relationships. Rhythm they have it in spades and are happy to show you how good they are with keeping time.

Fun loving is where male dancers want to be. Like so many things, it all happened first in the arts community and Male dancers were leading the way. But they will always finish with style. Geezzze, it was just a wild guess.

Not only are they pleasing on the eye but they know how to work it. And if you're dating a male dancer then chances are they are also dedicated and devoted to you. But where do you think the metrosexual revolution started. The career of dance is short and can be brutal to even the most gifted individuals so the payoffs have to be work all the sacrifices. Pose and elegance is a Male Dancers middle name in a world of computer bound desk jockeys Dancers stand out from the crowd with their pose, elegance and fantastic posture.

Personal grooming is a must for all Dancers male and female. Alastair Muir Another person who is less convinced by tales of ballet dancers gone wild is the makeup artist Kabuki. She doesn't even like to go anywhere. When you work that hard it has to be fun and you want to have fun in your down time as well.

And if you're dating a male

Maybe she has to be on the dance floor. They live by that, and I admire them for it. If you are dating a Male Dancer then chances are you already know that they are a unique breed with so many positive attributes it makes your head spin. Flexibility, Speed, Agility you name it and a Male Dancer will do it if only to prove that they can.