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Perhaps this is a wake-up call. Any attempt to assert the self as an independent entity is met with strong resistance. If you get an idea of the dating history of someone and it follows a certain pattern, pay attention to that. Perhaps, like me, you tend towards codependence. Shocked that he could move on so quickly from something so serious she exclaims.

Often, the aspects of reality that are being asserted are subjective and arguable, but sometimes they are beliefs that do not match easily verifiable facts. People with narcissistic tendencies are very hot and cold. If this situation sounds similar to something you have experienced, you may be or may have dated someone with narcissistic tendencies. Sure, you can feel chemistry and a connection with someone but to fall in love with who a person truly is flaws and all takes some time. They will assert this reality onto the codependent, and others, insisting that the other believes it.

The reality is that in a relationship between two consenting adults, the responsibility for continued dysfunction is shared between both people. It can be really hard to get out of a relationship like this and if you have never been in one, it's hard to know how. After enough of these relationships, it becomes possible to know what is happening inside the narcissist, or in their world, simply by listening to their accusations.

Learning to spot negative patterns early and having the strength to know what you deserve in a relationship is one of the best things to do if you find yourself involved with one of these people. What they have done to you is what they have done and will continue to do in all their relationships unless they recognize this within themselves and get help. The enabler must warp themselves to fit the needs of the narcissist. Keep your guard up the more intensely the person is into you and the earlier on it occurs. Usually it takes a certain amount of time to fall in love with someone.

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We want to jump in and save the victim from the perpetrator. This example is at the extreme end of the spectrum of narcissism. She came over and asked me a question. When ability to respond is decoupled from responsibility, people start to get disabled.

People with narcissistic tendencies use fantasy like projections when picking a mate. People recovering from narcissistic relationships are often in shock that someone who once claimed to love them so much has moved on so quickly and without any sense of remorse. The ultimate knowledge of reality lies with the narcissist. This person is so into you and lavishes you with attention, romance and gifts. The narcissistic process, needing to maintain a perfect self-image, will project all negative qualities onto others, particularly the codependent.

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To the narcissist, your feelings are not important. In a healthy system, responsibility is well aligned with response-ability, so that adaptive action can be taken. There seems to be a notion that narcissistic behavior is usually perpetrated by men. You meet someone and it feels like the stars align.

This can leave someone confused, hurt, angry and depressed. Recovery after a narcissistic relationship can be very difficult. Since the narcissist takes no responsibility for their experience, including feelings, any negative experience must be your fault.

Past relationship patterns are also very important to look at. Narcissism and codependence are both diseases of responsibility.

Sadly, their intense interest in you is more so about them and their needs than it is about you. They will always be their number one priority and everyone else will always come after that. This example also demonstrates projective identification, where the codependent enabler actually starts to take on the projected role. You know I feel kind of stressed right now.