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He takes her hand allowingSpeaking of which our brothmakers are

He takes her hand, allowing his special ring to get a read on her pulse, and asks if he could work in her kitchen. Speaking of which, our broth-makers are enjoying pleasant conversation when the door opens. He adopts a hero pose and steps in, noting that it appears the Thumb Brothers fixed the tainted bread. Then Moo-jin comes by with her cooking supplies, and asks her for a favor. Watching from the surveillance van, Byung-hoon gives her the go-ahead to begin their actual mission.

Men who are cruel and mean and prejudiced, who fire women for being women, who care about power and fame more than their food. Arang, meanwhile, is on a reconnaissance mission of his own. This provides Byung-hoon with a helpful starting point, since what will attract Mi-jin is a trustworthy man who will be reliable in times of crisis. With a sigh, he puts it away. His face darkens and he accuses her of snooping.

He snaps photos of a certain chef and sends those to the team. Seung-pyo is once more her gracious tutor, assuring her that he enjoys cooking together. Okay, grumpier than usual, since a certain amount of grumpy is a fixture of his soul.

Enter Dal-in, all smoothness and exaggerated confidence. Not gonna lie, his smile creeps me out. Byung-hoon instructs Dal-in to dab some whipped cream on his lip, and Dal-in proceeds to smear a whole gob all over his mouth like a fool. As she watches Dal-in work, she wonders what he likes so much about Mi-jin, who was so mean to him.

Confused, Dal-in asks the guys whether he did anything wrong. The thing is, Seung-pyo was in fact up to something, even if this last-minute dating offer was pulled out of the blue. He notes the backwardness of him consoling her when she should be begging his forgiveness. Moo-jin stages an encounter with her on her daily run, approaching with his slo-mo action hero shot and then professing great respect for her work.