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Brittany Bowe, speed skater for the U. However, there were only six in the Vancouver Olympics and seven in the Sochi Olympics, all of whom were women. In terms of the lawsuit, he's been named in terms of news reports, that wrestlers have said that he was aware of the abuse. Amna Nawaz gets more details on the independent investigation at Ohio State.

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Eight teams will compete in a round robin style tournament, comprised of one man and one woman. Nike has a history of standing by athletes in trouble.

And we should mention Representative Jim Jordan maintains he knew nothing about any of those allegations during his time at the university or after. Transcript Audio More than former Ohio State University students have alleged abuse by a former team doctor and professor, Richard Strauss. He has not been named as a defendant at this point.

The couple began dating almost two years ago, when Bissett was still in the closet and Wilfong had just come out to his friends, teammates and coach. Schultz and Adrianne Pasquarelli.

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Jonathan Groff to star in new Netflix series Mindhunter. Richard Strauss and that the university knew about that abuse or that people within the university knew about that abuse, and yet Ohio State failed to stop that misconduct. So this will have a lasting effect on Ronaldo regardless of the outcome. Curling Every four years curling captures the eyes of viewers and this year they have something new to feast their eyes on. The investigation began in April after former members of the men's wrestling team said the team physician, Richard Strauss, abused them.

Olympic Trials, but after the injury, he decided to aim for the Summer Games instead. Now, a sexual abuse scandal from decades past blows wide open at Ohio State University. Strauss denied some of those allegations.

Keen as I may be to clear my name, I refuse to feed the media spectacle created by people seeking to promote themselves at my expense. Take time away from each other, if the two of you spend too much time around each other, you will get very sick of each other. So, the details from those lawsuits are really disturbing now.

In the process of returning to the present, he is turned into steel by a magnetic field. To get uninterrupted access and additional benefits, become a member today. Strauss and that it was openly discussed.

We know lacrosse, I believe volleyball, swimming, football, really, think of a men's varsity sport in college, you name it, he may have worked with them. That still sort of remains to be seen. They tend to bring along much more drama than wanted, although, you can have good luck and find someone to be in a relationship with. University of Miami diver Tanner Wilfong and Jamie Bisset, a diver who recently graduated from Purdue University, came out as a couple in an interview with the Roanoke Times. Another said he went for a rib injury to see Dr.