Dating app for blackberry q10

Dating app for blackberry q10

Users can use gestures and keyboard shortcuts to navigate around the system. The user can filter results by application or, in the case of email, also by inbox.

Active Frames can have widgetlike

BlackBerry Balance, with which the user can separate personal from work data, if enabled by the device's enterprise server. BlackBerry Link, with which the user can synchronize data between the device and a computer, update the device or make backups. Some gestures offer additional modes of interaction when they are used differently. For instance, when the user opens a Facebook message, the Hub will open a small part of the Facebook application and allow the user to perform the same actions as the Facebook application itself.

This brought improvements to many features requested by users. The user can create, view or act upon messages or notifications directly from the Hub.

The user can

The user can switch between two workspaces, each with their own applications, files and accounts. Active Frames can have widget-like functionality and show small bits of information, similar to widgets on Android.

For instance, a user can unlock the device or return to the home screen by swiping from the bottom to the top. It shows all messages and notifications in a continuous list, sorted by date. An Active Frame is a miniaturized window of the application which keeps running in the background. Notifications from unsupported applications are collated in the generic notifications tab. Similarly, when the finger is moved from the bottom to the right in a curved motion, the user can enter BlackBerry Hub immediately.