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Dating cast iron fire truck horses

Also common were such highly specialized vehicles as antique fire engines and police cars, trolleys, motorcycles, racing cars, and even collectible sprinkler trucks for the city streets. Eventually Japan became the tin plate toy-producing center of the world, leaving behind Germany which was totally devastated by the First World War. Also learn as much as you can about the materials common to collectible toy fire trucks. The bulk of this group operated in the Northeastern part of the country. Fire Fighting Museum is not and American museum, but it's easy to see the similarities between all antique fire trucks and equipment.

Tin toys during those difficult times were a very inexpensive toy, which in return made them a popular gift of that period. These are still highly prized vintage collectibles today. The Northeast has such a rich tradition of toy makers, because of the immigration of so many toy makers coming through New York on their way to America. By Hubley had become the world's largest manufacturer of cast-iron toys.

Early fire fighting toys by Brown and Ives were equally primitive. This also may account for the still ready supply of these toy in the marketplace. At other times, when no emergency threatened, it carried firemen on rounds, enforcing fire laws in their district. During the s, Dent's die-cast toys gradually replaced those of cast iron. By tin plate toys had gradually disappeared as plastic and advanced metal alloy toys emerged.

During the World War I embargo of German toys, American companies began producing a large variety of tin plate wind-up toys. However, in the s more sophisticated cast-iron fire-fighting trucks and equipment appeared.

This also may account

Hubley also switched to die-cast toys of a zinc alloy due to increasing freight charges and foreign competition. An interesting fact is wind-up tin toys have a history of being inexpensive during certain periods of time. Like the full-size versions, the first miniatures were rather crude. Kenton Lock Manufacturing Co.

Early fire fighting toys by Brown