Not sure what to make of this guy

Dating for the first time in a long time

Maybe you should wake up pissing classy kindness and move on to the next post when you read something not up to your standards. People are afraid to put themselves out there that much. Since you seem to want more than that, I would change your mindset to thinking that he is a work friend and limit all interactions that cross that boundary.

So sometimes things are understated. Only stupid answers from pathetic women that have no lives themselves and derive some glimmer of self esteem from attacking others. If a man is interested in you he does not lead this way. The other day after he offered his spare room and I declined he texted me the next morning to make sure I got home safely.

That might change as you get to know each other better. Another time we were out at a work function and when it was over he said to come out with his office people and I could stay at his place if I needed to crash. We were on a marketing trip together a few weeks ago. They get off on it and will use your replies as encouragement to do it further.

Again I declined because my office people were going out too and I needed to go with them. The ones that give good advice give great advice and make this forum worthwhile. We all want men who see us as a fellow human being, more than just a sexual human being. However, I think that your both a bit to blame here.

He may just see you as a friend. Keep in mind that he is your professional circle if things go south. He hugs me all of the time. If a guy likes you he will do what he can to spend alone time with you but not ask you back to his place after a night of you drinking.

He has nothing to lose by taking a flyer on an invite to his place. Then there are the women who only want to tell you how stupid they think you are and that everything you do is wrong. He offered his spare room in case I drank too much we were in his neck of the woods and I live further away. Predators will eat you alive.

He may just see

But if you are that naive you really need to start learning how to navigate in the real world. Not sure what to make of this guy. It was a long limo ride and we both had a bit to drink. Since then there have been other offers to do things but all have seemed suspect. While dating may not have changed I certainly have.

There are no stupid questions on here. If you actually read my post you saw that i a plainly stated that I have been out of the dating world for quite some time and b had suspicions this guy was out for sex and sex alone. We are constantly planning happy hours when I do go to that office.

Keep in mind