Always be proud of who you are

Dating soap stars

They've only been dating for a few months but he whisked her away to Rome in April for a city break. Lee starred as bad-boy drug dealer Jez Quigley, while Jennifer played beautiful barmaid Geena Gregory.

Michelle's fans were quick to gush over the sweet Instagram post and the loved-up couple. And the storyline has helped several soap watchers, with the actress revealing she has been contacted by fans with their own stories. Yep, a bit weird as he played her step-son during her character's marriage to Frank Tate Norman Bowler.

The drama department offered him a full scholarship. Fans ship CleoJ together pretty passionately and it seems the actors feel just as strongly for one another off screen. While they look destined to be together forever, they sadly announced their marriage was over in February. But sometimes getting jiggy with it in Soapland can rub off on the actors and actresses and they start getting it on in real life.

They have now split but Tina recently admitted he had been helpful after she returned to the soap. It certainly worked out for you both. Raised as a Catholic, he attended St.

Always be proud of who you are. Thankfully, their road to romance has been paved with a lot less hostage situations and vengeful Sienna Blakes.

Fans ship CleoJ together prettyThe drama department offered