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Dating stanley rulers, restore a Folding Rule

Next check to see if the ruler is warped. The last thing to look for is the manufacturer. No question, then, that they make great collectibles, but are they really useful in the shop?

This folding rule was special because it had been used hard. British tool dealers have a bad reputation of taking beautifully patinated tools and wire brushing them into pupil-piercing brilliantness.

Calipers were sometimes added to the rulers to give it extra functionality. With rubber gloves on, I applied the bleach with a woven gray pad. One of the scales was charred a bit that must have an interesting tale behind it.

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Peter had one that he used a lot on the skiff project, and I guess he had seen me admiring it while we worked. Here's a sentimental favourite. He recommends using Boraxo, a hand cleaner with lanolin. Some have a caliper on the end, but most are the plain folding types. The other scale is untreated.

Boxwood Rulers - Antique Outings

Brass was often used to outline the wood and stop it from warping. Within a minute, the boxwood lightened considerably. They are very utilitarian, yet they have that certain charm and appeal which makes collecting at least one quite satisfying. But the ink on the rule stayed intact.

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Stanley is the most common and tends to be the least expensive. Most of these were Stanley No. All rulers in this style have what is referred to as a round joint, holdgate perth disabled dating arch joint or bolted joint. Belcher Brothers rulers are the most rare and usually cost the most.

Boxwood over time has a tendency to warp, which will devalue the price. Most folding rules are missing these pins, which keep all the components locked together when the rule is folded. The first thing you should check for is how the numbers read and if the ruler can open and close properly.

When looking for a boxwood ruler I usually look for ones that have brass outlining the wood. You can get it at home centers. Some of the rulers look like they are made from boxwood, but are actually made from ivory or bone.

These will certainly be worth more. Below are various ruler manufactures.

Stanley Folding Rules

Did I mention that these kinds of rulers are available on eBay? Here's Wendy bevelling a lap on our skiff, which we would eventually name for her mother, Isabel. In any case, the last folding rule I had left to give away was definitely an Alberto Fujimori a former ruler.

Here's a kind of Swiss Army Knife folding ruler. And here I am, laying out the keel line on the same lofting.

That did absolutely nothing. The patina on these is usually quite stunning when you find one that is a mixture of brass and wood. Ones made of ivory or bone fetch a steep price on Ebay and Esty. So I started with a mild cleaning with mineral spirits and a toothbrush. The scales on the outside were too dark to read.

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This list will help you identify which boxwood rulers might be worth more when your doing your Antique Outings. Carpenters, shipwrights, surveyors, blacksmiths, patternmakers and a host of other trades all had their own rulers with features suited to their particular work.