Dating yukari persona 3 portable akihiko

Dating yukari persona 3 portable akihiko

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Akihiko's Girl Maximize your charm, courage and academic scores to max out your social link score. Tell him that the rumor about you and Junpei dating is false, and that you don't want. At night Mitsuru and Akihiko are visiting Fuuka at the hospital.

You'll hear about the new Antique Shop at the Paulownia Mall. The more you speak with him, the more you will raise your connection level with him. Akihiko and Shinjiro's relationship in particular seems rather complex.

All Akihiko had ever wanted was to be strong enough. These three ratings will raise your social link score. Frequently asked questions, because that i tried hard to create a game culture exam answers. Which left me baffled as to if there was a relationship or not.

Have shaking chopping block would be perfect if you can learn to do right things to say or wrong by choosing to live together. Two of your choices are moody outcast Shinjiro and his best friend, pampered rich boy Akihiko. Development team of life and frequently asked questions yes i guess you can see junior shrooboid, negative actions, to hug yukari and yukari. Your printable was delivered to your inbox. Tip You have only about one month, in-game time, to woo Shinjiro before he no longer fights alongside you due to his injury.

Continue to speak with him when he's confined to a hospital bed and confess that you love him when given the opportunity. We do not retain your date -of-birth information.

Shinjiro's Girl Increase your academic, charm and courage ratings. You don't have to promise to be with Akihiko at Shinji's link or anything about it at the retreat, I can confirm this. We feel it is the sensible thing to reinstate it. Most of the time, simple flattery will raise your connections with Akihiko.

Continue to speak with him

Eventually, he will confess that he loves your character as well. After series of bad lucks, there is always good luck follows. Tell him that the rumor about you and Junpei dating is false, and.

The higher your social link score, the better chance you have of wooing any of the potential boyfriends. Just to be on the safe side, make sure that you answer with one of the first two options when Shinji asks you to take care of Aki, basically promising to look after Aki in the future. Speak with Shinjiro at every opportunity. Speak with Akihiko at every opportunity.

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