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He races up the ramp with his car, then comes up short of the ramp. Louis is seriously injured and retires.

Methanol was being unloaded and a spark ignited it. Most make it to safety, but some stragglers are hurt by the bull before it is brought back by wranglers. The track was slippery due to a recent rainstorm and that caused his accident.

Destroyed in seconds videos

He broke his neck, compressed his spine and punctured a lung. James Ray wins, but the boat flips, shreds and spits the capsule out. Luckily the helicopter didn't explode and the pilots survive. It takes hours to put it out. Smoke pours out and turns black, then the whole building explodes.

He pulled the safety too soon and the nitrous detonated and he climbed out of the inferno, and just suffers minor burns. Oslo, Norway - Base jumping event.

He hits the ramp and is knocked out. The cowboy bails, and the bull takes dead aim at the crowd. Monterrey, Mexico - A strong windstorm blows in.

Luckily, it didn't fall off into the sea. Two cameramen are nearly hit by debris.

The accident ended his career. He goes to land on Cunningham Pier and a downdraft knocks them in the water. Watch Video highlight from the files of the Ohio State Police captures the sudden violence of out-of-control cars. To prevent it from reoccurring they put up boulders around the property.

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Rescuers find him alive and he is airlifted to the hospital. The building was gutted and had to be demolished. The jet is on a track powered by rockets and slams into it to learn how to make better structures.

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He floats and starts yelling about his back. He broke a vertebra in his back. They try to cool the cars, but one explodes in a huge fireball.

The whole thing detonates, breaks glass and smashes nearby buildings. Each episode usually features eight or nine incidents, with a bonus incident at the end that is not part of the episode, but was lumped in by the crew for fun. McLean's car is sent barrel rolling across the grass. This episode was finished, but for unknown reasons, was not aired. Bryce Washington wipes out his car, then an out of control orange car brutally smashes into him.

Pitts will then explain the background of the incident e. He escapes with a few broken bones.

Another section buckles and falls onto the lower freeway. He tries a notoriously difficult stunt called the Double Grab, where the rider must let go of the handlebars, touch the side panels then get back on the bike. Vail Pass, Colorado - A snowmobile rider tries a jump but falls off mid way and is injured. As the name implies, many of the topics covered occur very rapidly or are complete surprises to everyone involved. The fire was not contained until next morning.

They are battered, but not killed. They throw a mat and lifering down, then a dinghy tries to pull them out. France - An arson fire in an industrial factory causes a massive explosion.

They put the car out and get Don out. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - The annual base jump event. The building has to be demolished. It causes bombs and rockets to detonate and a huge mushroom cloud forms. Years later they remade the ramp.

Burning debris rains down on soldiers causing mass panic. The woman was okay, and the Ferrari wasn't heavily damaged. What investor look out from the startups of the region Chandigarh ft. Discovery Channel original programming. Donny pulls the chute and he floats down to a hard landing.

Much of the surrounding was destroyed. Amelia Skye gets destroyed by boyfriends big dick. House Explosion - Destroyed in Seconds Video Watch Firemen accidentally set off a massive blast when they miscalculate the power of fuel vapor during a training exercise. Destroyed in Seconds was a half-hour American television series that aired on Discovery Channel. You can also buy, art brewery font rent Destroyed in Seconds on demand at Discovery online.

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Firemen work on it inside and out, then an entire wall collapses and pins a man underneath. Mexico - A group of friends go climbing on sand dunes. Fucked in the ass slut and she began to squirt.

Most videos have stock sound effects added. Have you fallen into the daily rut of waking up, getting ready, often missing meals, commuting the same distance to your workplace and doing the same kind of work? Miraculously, no one was hurt.

The force pushed the car straight into the store, destroying the counter. The driver escapes just before the boat hits land.

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It takes out a farmhouse and buildings. Despite the car being a loss, Pastrana walks away. Cops grab him and an ambulance takes him away. He jumps from atop the falls, pulls his chute and is blown into the falls, he's knocked around, broken and attacked by crabs.