Your take might be different

Devotionals for dating couples

There are special parts of our relationships that are levels of intimacy in life. There is a deeper level of intimacy not just sexual, but that is there too when we cross into marriage. It also talks about the importance of community and prayer.

The results would be

Anyone who is in a healthy dating relationship will recognize proper boundaries and not cross them. Again, this is just my opinion. The essence of a true soul mate relationship is that of deep spiritual connection.

This dynamic book, Devotions for Dating Couples, offers guidance for deepening your commitment to God as individuals and as a couple. It makes sense to me but I am not sure why.

In dating and I shall speak plainly here we are openning ourselves up to a level of emotional intimacy that can lead to dangerous areas physically. There needs to be appropriate boundaries. One of the glorious things, imho, is seeing marriage as just not a sexual union but a union of two people in the fullest sense. This book, though it was not enjoyed as much for what it was, had some great value for our couples group as well as the one-on-one conversations with my girlfriend.

While it doesn't have a ton of Scripture to support it there are other passages to use also it is a perferential belief I held until marriage. Your take might be different. My experience has been that in dating we are learning about ourselves and others. Unfortunately, by the time we started this devotional we had already thoroughly discussed many of the topics the book covers. The spiritual, emotional and physical unions are all important.

The results would be disasterous. This relationship is one where we explore each other's nature and literally take away the artificial coverings and expose ourselves to someone else in a truly God blessed and sacred act of union. In my advice and personal history I usually limit the praying and spiritual bond to meals and special times where there is a need.

This relationship is one