Yet, we judge all the time

Don t judge non christians dating

The point of judging others isGod will judge those

This text deals with the divisions in the church a Corinth jealousy over gifts and the holding one ministry more esteemed than another. Expel the wicked man from among you. And we must do so with the intent of helping our brother or sister escape sin and the destruction it wreaks, not to elevate ourselves. Truth is, it happens anytime I make a judgment about anything or anyone.

God will judge those outside. The point of judging others is not to condemn them, but to restore them.

But even Scripture appears to give conflicting messages about judging. An example might be to speak of someone as worthless, or good for nothing. At that time each will receive their praise from God. If we look at the whole text we can see that this is not a call not to judge, but a call to be careful and judge rightly.

To first look at ourselves and then once we have examined our own sin, then we will be able to see clearly to look at the sin of our brother. Seek to Restore So when we make judgments, we must do so humbly.

So in the interest of clarity, I offer the following biblically-based principles concerning judging. The local church is to judge the unrepentant sins of its members, and to take the appropriate actions. God holds us responsible for keeping silent when we should speak out on sin.