They were nearly forgotten

Fam was downstairs part ☝

You shut me out

Once they pulled up to the house he didn't wait for the car to stop before jumping out and going to his room and slamming the door. His father was beyond pissed but Kendra seemed to not notice and life went on as usual.

He looked around and sawHis mom felt he

You were all happy a few minutes ago now you look like someone pissed you off. He couldn't fathom why he disliked her so much. If he could feel even more like shit he did.

The doorbell rang

His mom felt he needed to have a positive role model in his life and she felt his father would have a tighter rein on him than she would. They both had small straight noses and thin lips and shared a natural tan that his mom envied being she was always pale as snow. Loud music began to blare from his room as he made his way towards his bathroom to strip and take a hot shower. The doorbell rang and his father jumped up to answer.

He didn't mind at first actually liking having the house to himself and not having someone breathe down his neck about homework. The divorce was all kept secret from me. Out stepped a figure he couldn't quite see in the dark but he knew it had to be a woman. His parents still respected each other and co-parented well but he mostly stayed with his dad. The wedding date approached fast and by the time Robert was seventeen his father was married to Kendra and she had moved into their home.

Now in the exhaustion of defeat, she wanted the struggle to be over too. Before coaches called his name. You shut me out and ignore me half the time and when I do want to talk it's never the right time.

He felt his cock swelling rapidly

He looked back at her and saw her eyes wide as if she was a deer in headlights. She was a very pleasant person with a sweet countenance but Robert could not shake not liking her.

Once they pulledThey both had small

He felt his cock swelling rapidly and cursed as he turned the hot water completely off leaving freezing cold water to batter him. He looked around and saw the parking lot was cleared with only a few cars being scattered about and far away from them.

Now in the exhaustionLoud music began to blareBefore coaches called his nameHis father was beyond