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If you do not receive the password reminder, please check your Junk folder in your email inbox and add noreply mailout. Once these fixtures have been generated the league is locked and teams will not be able to join or leave. Is there a print-friendly list of players I can view?

This team will always score the Gameweek average. If your vice-captain doesn't play either then the bonus is lost, the chip isn't returned.

Why is my total less than the sum of my Gameweek points? What happens to my Triple Captain chip if my captain doesn't play? Any transfer point deductions in the Gameweek before a phase starts won't be deducted from the phase score. Once you have played your wildcard, any transfers you make within that Gameweek are free, including any you made before playing your wildcard, up until the next deadline.

How do I change my captain? National Team Competitions. If you have set up a team for this season using a different email address, you will not be able to view your History from previous seasons on that account.

Welcome to fix New to fix? How do I change my team name, my team kit or the team I support? The news is valid and not click garbage.

Points are only awarded to teams who have players selected in their team in the Gameweek the fixture is actually played, irrespective of if you had them selected for the original fixture. Most goals scored in the Gameweek Fewest goals conceded in the Gameweek Virtual coin toss. Other teams can only be viewed after their first Gameweek has started, to allow managers to keep their team tactics secret.

After entering your squad, you can join and create leagues to compete with friends and other game players. Private leagues are the heart and soul of the game, where you compete against your friends.

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There is no unlimited budget when using a wildcard. After selecting your squad you can buy and sell players in the transfer market. No, only one chip may be active in a Gameweek.

League Types Private Leagues Private leagues are the heart and soul of the game, where you compete against your friends. Transfer points are deducted from your total, as explained in the rules and before you confirm your transfers. If your Goalkeeper doesn't play in the Gameweek, he will be substituted by your replacement Goalkeeper, if he played in the Gameweek.

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When playing a wildcard, any saved free transfers will be lost. You should find that the email is then sent to your inbox.

Free to play fantasy football game, set up your fantasy football team at the Official Premier League site. Use the world's most powerful predictive fantasy football algorithm to make informed transfer decisions and increase your performance. Scoring During the season, themes for windows xp setup your fantasy football players will be allocated points based on their performance in the Premier League.

Free Hit Make unlimited free transfers for a single Gameweek. At the very top level these are decisive actions like goals and assists. The automatically entered average team will not enter the knock-out stage, their place being taken by the next placed team. Public Leagues Need an extra challenge? If the goal scorer loses and then regains possession, then no assist is awarded.

Can I have more than one team? Classic Scoring In a league with classic scoring, teams are ranked based on their total points in the game. Substitutions happen at the end of the Gameweek, when all matches have been played. What formation can I play in? Unlimited transfers can be made at no cost until your first deadline.

If your league was a Head-to-Head league, you will need to create a new league each season, as you are unable to renew this type of private league. If you join the game after the start of the season, transfers are free until your first deadline. The nature of the Prize and the countries selected for this purpose are at the sole discretion of the Premier League. Once the points have all been updated on that day, no further adjustments to points will be made.

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The Premier League's decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. No responsibility can be accepted for lost, delayed or incomplete Registrations or Registrations not received by the Premier League for any reason.

The Premier League reserves the right to suspend and delete Registrations that contain team or league names which are deemed to be inappropriate or offensive. If you do not use your free transfer, you are able to make an additional free transfer the following Gameweek. Transfers are free of charge before the start of the season. Can I cancel my transfers? If a player has been substituted when a goal is conceded this will not affect any clean sheet bonus.

Overall good game but it needs a lot of technical work. Wildcards are played on the transfers page but aren't active until you have confirmed the transfers. Photos of the players beside their names.

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All assists are reviewed before the points are updated at the end of each day. Transfer points are deducted from your Head-to-Head score, as explained in the rules. In the event of a tie between teams, the team who has made the least amount of transfers will be positioned higher. You may enter this team in multiple leagues and compete against different groups of friends.

Creativity Creativity assesses player performance in terms of producing goal scoring opportunities for others. Any such Registrations will be deemed void. They can be cancelled at anytime before the Gameweek deadline. They have the assists, which are just as important as goals. Players will play twice in a future Gameweek, when the match is rescheduled.

How do you calculate form? For the avoidance of doubt, points awarded in-game are subject to change up until one hour after the final whistle of the last match of any given day.