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These are called spectral lines or modes, although strictly, there is a difference between a spectral level and a spectral line. All nature is subject to their laws. Multi-state qbits based on a superposition of states in a larger Hilbert space is also possible. The winding number is more often used in topology, and in the theory of particles in magnetic fields. When light from an object, i.

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Hindi - translation - English-Sinhala Dictionary - Glosbe

Hindi - translation - English-Sinhala Dictionary - Glosbe

As high-energy is also relevant to the questions of the origin of our specific universe, these experiments are important for cosmology as well. This is a highly purified room or laboratory, similar to a hospital operating theater in some sense, but even more highly controlled, and used for micro-fabrication of computer components. This is the text language used to write web pages etc. This is a way of relating one set of objects to the members of another set.

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Optical disc using blue-laser read out, useful for High Definition data and large amounts of data. This is a directional antenna named after the Japanese inventor. This is a method of optimizing the hard drive by placing more sectors in the outer tracks than in the inner tracks of the platters which make up the hard drive. This refers to any program whose source code is made freely available. Note Sheevaraya, Cheevaraya or Seevaraya is layer.

Two organic materials semi-conducting plastics are used instead of Si-materials. Theory of everything, or the single theory that replaces quantum mechanics and relativity. If energy bands are confined within a nanostructure, e. This item has been successfully added to your list.

Today Linux has more or less supplanted Unix. Accelerated Graphics Port.

The internet is public, the intranet is usually limited to a site and a set of privileged users, while the extranet may connect several select sets of users. FreeTranslation Web Page Translator. This word is used in many areas of engineering and physics. The keylogger records each keystroke and transmits them periodically to the remote spy.

The sinhala word is made up of Vaeteema Vaetum, fall and Kadeema kada, break. For loose usage, online virus removal we can conveneitly take over the same word into sinhala. We use the word Gaeba from Garbhaya in sinhala for memory.

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Address Resolution Protocol. In object oriented programming the programmer identifies the objects he has to manipulates and the program handles the communications between the objects. See individually, entries under extensible, markup, and language.

Use Merriam-Webster's dictionary as a crossword solver, by entering a? In that period the people speaking that language increased too much. The word bandgap is also analogously applied to frequency separation in transmission bands. Thus the states in an entangled state are formed by superposing two eigenstates.

The third terminal affects the flow via the field effect on the carriers. The aim of this site is to help you to learn Pali words and Pali numbers easily. Data is that which is known, ie.

Micro-causality involves causality at a micorscopic level and not just in an average sense. AllWords Hear Pronunciation. This is named after the mathematician George Boole, and hence we use the adjective derived from the name Boole.

These have begun to present a unified picture in the Salam-Weinberg-Glashow standard model, and now in string theory. Then, when you visit the site, the site will load certain pages according to the information obtained from the cookie. This is a mathematical object, which, when acting on the mathematical function defining the field, creates an excitation, or annihilates an excitation. This is usually a hardware code.

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Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. Cambridge Dictionary of American English. Internet dictionary of slang words and phrases.

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Parrot astrology Sani Peyarchi Guru Peyarchi. Translation Japanese to English English to Japanese. Lipida stharaya, lipida dvistharaya. Its name is derived from its appearance.

Same as eigenstates, but used more typically in discussing microwave modes, acoustic vibrational modes, or energy levels etc. If two operators A, B commute, they can act on a system in any order and the result is the same, i. Look up words to find out what they mean, how to spell or pronounce them. Just enter the letters you have in your rack, and see the words you can make. This is something which helps to complete or balances another part.