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Confide in a trustworthy advisor, mentor, friend or relative. Therapists point out that it's often the woman who is questioned and blamed for staying in a relationship like this, not the male for his abusive behavior. They see the victim as less than an equal.

What is the cycle of abuse? Therapists point out that it is often the woman who is questioned and blamed for staying in a relationship like this, not the male for his abusive behavior.

Both girls mention their need for a father figure. Aisha finally calls it quits because of extreme violence and gets help through a teen theatre program. Why does Mike say he has to hit Tamara sometimes and how does he try to justify hitting her? You don't have to suffer in silence.

Kelly's decision is triggered by a theft. See the Resources section for suggestions.

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The Emotionally Abused Woman, B. Mike and Tamara talk about their abusive relationship, and Mike reveals why he sometimes hits Tamara. How does Mike's belief in the role of a man and a woman in a relationship promote his abusive behavior? Men are battered by women just as often as women are battered by men. Can a district attorney take any deterrent action if a victim decides not to press charges?

What kind of charges can be brought? The students and Melanie discuss how to handle provocations more acceptably. Assault or harassment, depending on the severity. What kinds of abuse are addressed in this program?

In dealing with anger, what are some possible alternative behaviors to violence? In cities and in small towns, violence and abuse crosses all age, race and economic boundaries.

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Here are some statements that a lot of people believe. If someone stays in an abusive relationship, it must not be so bad.

Teens act out dating violence scenes and laud their program as a release for their feelings as well as a way to increase awareness. What do the peer educators in the Dating Violence Prevention Program demonstrate for their fellow students? National Coalition of Agencies Against Dating Violence Offers referrals to support groups, camden ar dating videos on dating violence and reading materials. Dating Violence Exposed carries one-year off-air taping rights and performance rights.

Are there enough programs to help teens who are abusers? Do you do or say anything? Abusers believe they have the right to use abuse to control their victims. And check out the resources in the Resources section. You don't have to be trapped.

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You suspect her boyfriend is beating up on her. Check out the Resources section. Friends don't understand why it took years for both Kelly and Aisha to finally get out. Victims bring on abuse themselves. Most batterers are crazy or uneducated.