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Genuine silver backing will usually feature light spots and clear areas. Frames could be ornately carved in wood or made of ivory, silver, or tortoiseshell. Newer glass is thinner and gives a whiter reflection than old glass, so test its age by holding the edge of a white card right up against the glass.

Examine The Frame Use a magnifying tool to carefully examine all around the frame. Older glass may even be a bit wavy. If you have an old mirror with a broken frame or cloudy glass, you can have the glass resilvered to bring it back to its original condition. If it's a wall mirror, note the thickness at the top, middle and bottom.

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Louis, Missouri by acquiring various businesses to which LaBarge supplied pipe, including businesses in the electronics, aerospace and medical industries. La Barge travels the world to bring the very finest handcrafted mirrors, tables and accent pieces to the collection. Boyles Furniture is proud to carry the La Barge line of tables, consoles and mirrors. Beveled edges are indicative of older mirrors, dating websites value since grinding and polishing glass is time-consuming and expensive. Usually older mirrors are noticeably thicker at the bottom.

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By the s, mirrors were made by coating a piece of glass with metallic silver and were considered important decorative pieces. Examine the back of the mirror for any identifying information about the production date or manufacturer.

Look for a production date on the frame, on the back or in the corner. Knowing the age of a mirror will help determine its value and whether it is a genuine antique.

Closely examine the edges of the mirror. Frames with engraving or embedded sketching, or that are ornately embellished, are more indicative of older age. You can also take a digital photo of it and send it to an antique appraiser for more information, or take it to an appraiser in person. At that time, Omni Duralite was known for producing outdoor steel tubing furniture that stood up to the elements. Warning Never submerge a mirror, as that could break down the resin filling and cloud the glass.

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