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He tries to kill Madhavan but couldn't. One of the sons-in-law is a police officer and the other is a doctor and they are able to arrest Meesaikarar who comes to release Madhavan. The story begins in Kerala.

Meesa Madhavan

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The film was well received at the box office and became the highest-grossing Malayalam film of that year. Vignesh is very much attached to the music played by the Kabooli. But before that Madhavan tells him that he did all this for his trumpet and he has no relation with his daughter. They fight with each other for the trumpet and in the process Madhavan tries to prove that Rani is having an illicit relation with him. The film stars Dileep in the title role, and Kavya Madhavan.

Thangaraj should have refrained from acting, as he is yet to learn the basics. The film was a commercial success at the box office and the highest-grossing Malayalam film of the year. Moustache Madhavan is a Indian Tamil film written and directed by S. But when he reaches the circus tent he is badly beaten up by Meesaikarar and party. She tells him that she was the one who opened all doors for him because she couldn't see him sad.

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The film's male lead Dileep and Jagathy Sreekumar with their antics brings the house down. They stay with Amminiamma Sabitha Anand and they are having in love with her daughters. But later on when she realizes that Madhavan's sisters marriage was cancelled because of her father, she slowly started falling for him and later both fall in love with each other. Her father Bhageerathan Pillai Jagathy Sreekumar is a local landlord and moneylender. While leaving they leave a gift with the watchman for Madhavan.

When Kannas and Kadalas and their gang reach for the marriage they are stopped at the gate. Lal Jose's direction is worth mentioning and he has proved that comedy is his forte. Tamil-language films Indian films films Tamil remakes of Malayalam films s Tamil-language films. After getting accepted from both families, Rani and Madhavan are getting married that day and all are invited to the marriage. Kavya Madhavan is good as Rugmini though she has to check her weight.

The doctor also decides to leave the city the next morning. Eappan steals the idol from the local Temple with the intention of selling it and puts the blame on Madhavan. He scolded his relatives for those kindnesses. Dileep is in excellent form these days and he has established with this film that he is the uncrowned king of Malayalam. Kannas and Kadalas bids a tearful farewell to Madhavan telling that their place is in the streets and they leave.

Malayalam Lyrics

The climax scene, where the eloped lovers are chased by the police and Anandraj's men, were shot in the Thalakkonam forest areas. One of her daughters steals some valuables from the house where she does household works.

Madhavan ignores Rani and she tries to commit suicide. But when they return they find both are married and move out of the house with sorrow. She requests Kannas and Kadalas not to take her son back to the streets. Jagathy Sreekumar as Bhageerathan Pillai is superb and he has proved once again that he is the undisputed king of comedy.

Madhavan comes from house and he welcomed to his marriage. Meesai Madhavan Directed by S. How the lovers unite in the end forms the climax of the film. Madhavan confesses his love for her.

Kumar's camera has etched the beauty of Pollachi while Vidyasagar's music is the highlight of the film. Madhavan sees the door of his bedroom opened. Ramana Kutty Radhika Ilavarasu S. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So, Rugmini too hates him and sees that she traps Madhavan by hook or crook.

Kannas and Kadalas take Madhavan from there and they help Rani run away with Madhavan. Disha Patani snapped promoting Bharat at Novotel in Juhu. Celebs at India's Most Wanted screening. Madhavan's brothers-in-law stops the watchman and opens the gift and finds it is the same trumpet.

But Meesaikarar finds them. Ilavarasu has excelled in his role as Kadalas.

They throw the trumpet away and it falls in front of Kannas and Kadalas. The doctor rushes to the hospital and he takes his son with him. The story is old as the hills, but it is the presentation and humour that makes the film interesting.

Manivannan as the Kaboolivala does a neat job while Anantharaj proves that he is one of the good performers who can handle any role with confidence. Meesa Madhavan got his name by the popular saying that if Madhavan rolls his Moustache Meesa in Malayalam looking at someone, he will rob his house that night. All in the circus tent accepts him wholeheartedly.

The music album of Meesa Madhavan happens to be one of the most popular works of Vidyasagar. Madhavan plays the same music which the Kabooli used to play after getting the trumpet. Kannas and Kadalas reveal the love between Madhavan and Rani and also tell She that Madhavan would be happy only with Rani. Madhavan asks for the Trumpet and she refuses to give it. Balaji Balasubramaniam of bbthots.

As the love blossoms between them, plants vs zombies 2 for pc sub inspector Eapen Pappachen Indrajeet comes to the village and soon has a confrontation with Madhavan. His enemy is the local money lender Bhageerathan Pillai Jagathy Sreekumar who refuses to give back his father's property despite Madhavan paying back the loan with interest years ago. Five hundred junior artistes too part in the scenes where even a couple of fight scenes and songs were picturised.

Needless to emphasis that Dileep fans will have a blast in this fun filled ramp. The mother blesses her son and he leaves. Kalasangham Films Kas Varnachithra.

Along with Pillai, Eapen spins a web for Madhavan and accuses him of stealing the idol from the local temple. In order to save them Kannas and Kadalas goes to prison.

Meesha madhavan malayalam full movie

Meesa Madhavan

Meesha Madhavan raised Dileep's stardom to a superstar level. Meesha Madhavan is a sparking comedy and a laugh raiser. Redirected from Meesha Madhavan.

Meesai Madhavan

Meesaikarar asks Rani to return the trumpet. Music is composed by Bharani. Vignesh has two elder sisters. Madhavan Dileep is a clever thief who robs for a living and is well known in the village. But later she realizes that Madhavan has a heart of gold and starts loving him.