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What an emotional roller coaster ride I had watching this movie. Sanjay Datt excels throughout the movie, this is probably his milestone performance. Can't njoy when I don't understand it.

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Otherwise this movie is wonderful, amzaing in storyline but ad as well. You can see some of his movies here. This movie does have subs but it only works on desktop devices. Agneepath is a Bollywood film directed by Mukul S. Mukul anand, who directed also directed Hum after Agneepath, urdu love poetry proves us yet again he is one of India's most rated directors.

Advertisement - opens new tab. So others can find this clip. Watch our trailer of trailers. Climax, which seems to be written for justifying Sanjay's role, is not grand. Thank your the best einthusan!

Katrina is good for showing off her body as that is all she had. The casting, acting, dialogues, background music and action scenes are top-notch. He may not have mass - appealing dialogues but his expressions works like wonder!

Agneepath is a remake of the Hindi film of the same name starring Amitabh Bachchan which fetched him a national award. Your acting worked once like that in Kammeny, it doesn't every movie is kameny that you start acting and behaving the same. Kancha buys off a local merchant, Dinkar Rao Goga Kapoor. Do not use mobile devices to watch this movie.

Hi can u please tell me why this movie has not got English subtitles. Our Favorite Trailers of the Week.

Music is good, background score is really thrilling. Film seems dragged a bit too. The rest of the cast perform adequetely. Can you please check it out and let me know.

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Join the discussion contains spoiler. Hrithik's acting not as good as it used to in his previous movies e.

Sanjay dutt has no conscience. Unbeknownst to him, the village of Mandwa has been insidiously taken over by powerful crime baron Kancha Cheena Danny Denzongpa.

Compared to old one, in this, the acting was really really good. Amitabh Batchan's character has some super dialogues in the film and his acting is mesmerizing. Disgusting ass Only for fame and money. In single screen cinema's the tickets were sold at very high rate outside the theatre's.

Maybe it was a change we implemented. Story, predictable and yet entertaining, somewhere challenges your logic.

Kancha uses the village as a landing point for his contraband. Watch Now With Prime Video.

Rishi Kapoor on the other hand, after showing brilliance in Do Dooni Chaar, again proves that a star remains a star! When we get around to doing music videos, we can look into this. Trivia In single screen cinema's the tickets were sold at very high rate outside the theatre's. Add this title to your Watchlist.

Be it the tree or its leaf, the all consuming fire vanquishes all and always moving forward. Mother loves you a lot, she just does not know how to show it. Hrithik's best movie in my opinion. Disappointed I waited this long to watch this.

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Thank you so much Mr Einthusan i gound anil kappor film But i seen it before if you have anil kappor old film adress please let me know Thank you so much I relly like this web site. Donna, I really am not sure, if someone else can answer this, that would be great. Rao stages a scandal where the upright Dinanath is lured to the town brothel, drugged, and found to be in bed with a prostitute. If you compare Hrithik directly with Amitabh Bachchan, he has, still, done a commendable job.

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Hrithik chooses expressions rather than words. Hrithik's character was so angry and sensitive. More To Explore Search on Amazon. Overall, a deserved watch for sure, but somehow keeps you longing for more. Can he find vengeance and redemption?

Father's name, Master Dinanath Chavan. What would you like to discuss? Mom's name, Sawashni Chavan.

Name, Vijay Dinanath Chavan - full name. Presented by Microsoft Surface. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. We will be posting more bollywood films in the coming month, so we will surely have more Anil Kapoor films!

Movie misses the thrill that it creates prior to interval, slows down its pace to focus on sub plots, which rather adds melodrama that is unneeded. Very violent, but the tragic story, amazing acting performances from an all-star cast, and memorable musical score make up for the brutality. Are other movies working on your ipad? It was considered to be a loose adaptation influenced by the Hollywood film Scarface starring Al Pacino.