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Hattori-kun and Shinzo's father. He also does not follow his mother's instructions properly and often gets a severe scolding from his mother. His ninja mark on his forehead is very important for him as it is an identification of him as a ninja.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. If he uses this attack too much then it will drain his energy, and he will feel weak. The subject she teaches is unknown. Usually Kemumaki gives a big task in his plans for Kagechiyo to carry out, which he often does not succeed in. He likes Yumeko, however also Kemumaki is always after her.

Is the antagonist of Ninja Hattori-kun. She likes Hattori and always wishes to marry him.

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Koike-sensei has a crush on her. She is also known to play piano fairly well and hates bell peppers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Kage no Ninpou Golfer Sanjou! Yumeko seems to be in touch with Hattori sometimes. For the video game, see Ninja Hattori-kun video game.

She likes Tsubame and thinks that Kemumaki is a good boy she has no idea about his dual life. Strength-wise, he has competition with Hattori and Shinzo. This is because he doesn't get enough training from Kemumaki and is seen sleeping on the streets. Along with Shinzo, the two of them wind up doing mischief and creating trouble.

Ninja Hattori-kun, the Movie film. Kemumaki always troubles Kenichi.

He helps Kanzo fight Kemumaki, with his real weapons and control his loud crying which immobilizes opponents from attacking and bites the head of the opponents. He usually smokes and comes from his office late in the evening.

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He wears red coloured ninja robes. He likes eating and golf a lot. Fierceness That Invites Storm!

Though he doesn't study well, he has a good habit of helping others. It was remade as a anime series as a joint venture between India and Japan and is currently airing in several Asian countries, including India. He is caricatured after animator Shin'ichi Suzuki.

And sometimes people mistake her relationship with Hattori as a romantic one, though in some episodes they are seen to show romance. Some of the times, Shinzo tricks Hattori to giving him things. Most of the time she appears to be confused.

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He loves to find an easy way of things much to the annoyance of Hattori. He is also known to cry very loudly, disturbing people and even fainting them.

He wears green colored ninja robes. He wears blue coloured ninja robes, punjabi totay mp4 with a red belt.

Ninja Hattori Tune Download

He always explains what a good ninja does and what others should also do. The Great Assault on Dreamy World!

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