Ooo Dev 3.3

The default value is black. However be careful when editing it, see issue for details. Presenter Console extension related fixes.

Changing Windows default installation directory. Allow registration for Microsoft File Types in setup. Show stoppers for OpenOffice. Added new features to grid control such as tooltip, resize of columns, image as input, style properties for background color etc.

Sometimes, people want to erase this program. Slide show related bug fixes and improvements. It's recommended to take some time to get familiar with the program's interface and number of features available.

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Extension manager and other showstopper issues. The original patch was contributed by Daniel Watson. Refactoring in Calc core to improve performance associated with row limit increase to rows. Show stopper fixes for the Office configuragtion.

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And applying respective changes in Math to use the new font. Now it's not only possible to fill the grid with strings but also with integers or images. Please report any possible issues.

Issues concering certificate validation. Fix build and warnings that primarily affect building on Fedora.

Fixes for the Graphite shaping engine. But I assume that moving strings from one module to another will create translation needs as an artefakt. Otherwise, it gives the focus back to the document view. Bug fixes for grid control.

It now focuses the form control nearest to the current cursor position, if the focus is not within a form control currently. The new implementation allows now to let office show a dialog on Gnome shutdown in case there is a modified document.

This cws replaces native because of technical problems. Chart was enhanced and now supports drawing objects. Allow setting custom colors to sheet tabs in Calc. Impress showstopper fixes. If line color is set, the lines will be visible in that color.

Misc bug fixes mainly for Calc. Press the Uninstall button. Your Windows system will remain clean, speedy and able to serve you properly. Improvements for bundled extensions. Fix a unix specific systray nasty.

The default value is the color of row and they won't be visible, e. Showstopper fixes for Impress.

Enhance deliver log files. Addionally, a few keyboard shortcuts have been changed due to the new strings.

Save file with password functionality needs to be extended by customer request. Other names appearing on the site may be trademarks of their respective owners. The registrations are stored in OpenOffice.

3.3.0 (build OOO330m20) - Release Notes

Some Calc and Chart bug fixes. Writer fields enhancements.

Add a check, if configure is new and doesn't have conflict marks. Adding text support for the format paintbrush feature in impress and draw. Beside the already implemented file encryption, c6712 themes an additional password to protect a document from being edited is implemented. Adds a non-breaking space before the some characters in french text to respect french typographic rules. Press Next to start the cleanup.

More fixes of the docx import. The Windows release was created by OpenOffice. Fix for possible showstoper in impress.

Build fixes on various Fedora arches. Download and test the latest versions.

Linking was done with our friendly cooperation. The default value is white. The drawing objects can be edited by several dialogs which can be opened via context menu. Only flush rdb files when necessary. Quick fix for a crash in automatic tests.

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Furthermore even complex shapes such as cubes, symbols, block arrows, flowcharts and stars can be inserted. Refactor Calc's external reference manager, for better performance and reduced memory usage. Also the font and formatting of text objects can be changed.

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Release Notes

Misc new stuff for DataPilot. Form controls in text documents now render their text the same way the document itself does, thus making the appearance of controls as part of a text flow much more consistent. Default, after using the path dialog in testtool, is that there is no path character at the end.