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Osage County Judge, John Boggs, who approved many of the dismissals, stated that he had been to numerous Bar Association parties at the Drummond Ranch. He explained that every time he saw a person doing something kind for someone else, he was there to give them a tiny cow bell to acknowledge it. This is the reality for many of us and most of her readers. With that kind of disposable income I would hope they are truly helping their community and other farmers and families during this recession. Portraying cattle ranchers and their families in this manner leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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She lost me with the renovation of the guest house. Her charmed existence is not the norm. We, the faithful tax payers, are footing the bill for this charade. Photograph by Sylvia Plachy.

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Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what it might mean? She lives on a sprawling cattle ranch in Oklahoma and takes the most fantastic pictures that she photoshops and provides tutorials for her readers and posts.

Or this one taken during a visit to Scotland. Although the Drummonds paid a fine and court costs on all dismissed tickets, the tickets do not go against their driving records.

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Nothing like the real pioneers, who had to trod across the plains in a covered wagon. One of the most endearing things about Pioneer Woman is how much in love she is with her husband and I know just how she feels especially when I see pictures of my darling man like the one below. This one was so weird that I had to think about it a day or so before I decided to mention it to John, rules of dating my own sweet husband pictured below. What made it even more interesting than seeing him show up in Cornwall was the reason for his trip. That is exactly what I thought when they both showed up in the same dream the other night.

Should I take it out of the food budget or propane for heating? But after a while it got old. These are the things most folks are worried about. Who in the sam hill is remodeling their guest houses these days?

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Except in real life, Ree is wealthy and has both a house and a nice lodge on her ranch. Brothers Ladd and Tim, along with Papa Charles and nephew Thacker, are listed as shareholders in a company called Golden Pharmaceuticals. Just ask Santa Ana-based Docsales. Although I am usually pretty good with dream interpretation, this one has me stumped.