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Bangalore also called the aviation monopoly capital of India. Volvo has a manufacturing plant in Bangalore. Let it be tutoring primary classes or college students, the potential is always there if you are good at explaining the concepts! Lucia is a Kannada movie that is renowned as the India's first crowdsourced movie. Tanishq is a jewelry retail store brand and is owned by the Tata Group.

Since, many small business in Bangalore operate from very small workspaces they do not have much space to store their records and other stuff that is not needed on daily basis. It may need a good investment, pumnal de vanzare online dating but starting small from home can be better idea when you are on tight budget. Most developed markets do not have the supply of computer scientists needed to automate their business processes needed to scale.

Offer them a monthly package whereby you take their car from office, wash it and park it back. Showcase your photography skills with quick portfolio or do some voluntarily photography at various wedding and corporate events to get noticed. Bounce is an on demand motorbike startup originated in the city. Bangalore is also becoming a destination for the automotive industry.

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Economy of Bangalore

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Small Scale Industries

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With a budget gift shop you allow more people to enjoy the occasions and so you get more profits! Many entrepreneurs are setting up sports facilities due higher interest in fitness. All top names from the West Coast have Indian offices in the city. Commence activity or production. Urban Ladder is a leading omni channel commerce furniture retailer founded by entrepreneurs from the city.

The city is known for its craft breweries, popular ones being Toit, Arbor Brewing Company and others. Thus, day care center provide the best option for them. To meet the ever growing demand of the insurance sector, you can act as an insurance company agent and earn your share of profit. Same is the case in Bangalore if full of event management opportunities. You can start such a business from home even if you own a big house with many unused rooms.

The items like handbags and shoes are very popular and in high demand, especially in the working class. Imagine a van with hair salon right in front of a big business center! Offering them a storage space on budget price is a win-win for both the parties.

There is a fitness chain called CureFit, invested in by early entrepreneurs and restaurants attached like EatFit. There is a big market for tech and gadgets at every place throughout the world and thus opening a business which sells tech products is a smart choices.

Offline, formal retail format grocers originating from the city includes FoodWorld supermarkets that started in and several other local brands. Political maturity and motivation was key to achieve early support in this direction. Sole their problem and make your profits! The iconic Kissan jam and ketchup brand has its origins in Bangalore. People in Bangalore love staying stylish and so they love to try everything that is actually good.

Bangalore was also home to large domestic airlines - now defunct Simplifly Deccan and Kingfisher Airlines. You just need to brainstorm what people may be looking for. RedBus is a inter city bus aggregator that was bought by Naspers group.

The movie was extensively shot in and directed by Bangalore teams. Let it be the first birthday party, a fundraising event, fashion show, product launch or a concert, they all happen too frequent in Bangalore! Several Venture Capital funded startups like housing. QwikCilver, a gifting and loyalty platform founded in Bangalore was acquired by Amazon.

Long before Bangalore was called the Silicon Valley of India, the city made its name as headquarters to some of the largest public sector heavy industries of India. Strides Arcolab manufactures pharma products for emerging markets and is a listed entity in the Indian Stock Markets. Kingfisher is one of the worlds largest beer brands that originated in Bangalore. The remaining Indian unicorns have strong teams situated in Bangalore.

This was created to address the issues faced by the industry in terms of physical and digital infrastructure, education, supply of graduates and so on. If you own a big house or can rent one, this one should be the ideal business for stay at home moms!

Top venture capital funds have setup their India offices in the city to find opportunities to invest in startups. The Regional Transport Office in the city are fully computerized and they the earliest to do so.

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Several fintechs have their origins in the city. Advertise on Facebook and get your customers. There are many sports facility aggregators where consumers can book indoor courts or swimming pool slots like Playo. Like cooking and cleaning, laundry is yet another tedious and time consuming task for working class and you will see large population always finding ways to avoid it as much as they can.