Staind 14 Shades Of Grey

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Everyone plays the hand they're dealt. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

And you blindly go through life, judging only by its worth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Have you always changed the rules, so the drama never ends? What is it you're so afraid of exposing?

The album also returns the guitar solos of Staind's first album Tormented. You've got a pill, for everything. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. So glad you're with me for this ride.

That means there's not much visceral kick in the rhythms, nor are there head-snapping hooks in the riffs, or catchy melodies. Frontman Scooter Ward's struggles with his sister's cancer as well as the fallout of the relationship with his fiance during this time also provided lyrical inspiration. The words you said, you made me feel like they were all for me.

14 Shades of Grey - Staind

Like I'm in heaven and I've died. Guitarist Mike Mushok noted it as the first time Staind has actually written in the studio.

The words you said, you made me feel like I was not alone. Following the disappointing sales of the album, Trapt was asked to leave from Warner Bros. Just try not to forget, that the meek inherit earth. However, this would have to be delayed a few weeks.

Staind 14 Shades Of Grey

The light at the end of your tunnel is closing. The lyrics were written by Chris Brown, music written by Trapt. Someone in Control was co-produced by Trapt and Don Gilmore. If they jumped off a bridge, would you meet them on the ground?

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Whatever it takes to keep your hands from shaking. When people think your words are true, it doesn't matter what you do. You give me needed room to grow. And this is the smile, that I've never shown before. Initial critical response ranged from mixed to average.

Staind 14 Shades Of Grey

You'd give it all up for what's there for the taking. Could it be that my habit is to find a place to hide? To someone who you helped along. It hurts me that you're not ashamed, of what you're doing here. If someone else showed you the way, would you take the wheel and steer?

Well I odn't know what to say. Or would try to claim, that it never made a sound? All the troubles we thought was in vain. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

The song was later included on the deluxe edition of the band's next album, Chapter V. So you choose to force your hand. What a strange way to make friends. It was a huge international success for the band, as it spent three weeks at number one position in the U.

Introspection Late Night Partying. Or are you hiding from, the scars of, your own reality?

It is Staind's most successful album to date, and was the album that broke them into the mainstream. The Illusion of Progress is the sixth studio album by American rock band Staind. Chapter V is the fifth studio album by American rock band Staind. Could it be that I'm only being me? It's just like poetry inside, mata rani songs to hear you breathing by my side.

And helped see through his darkest times. Lyrics Forum Tablatures Links Feedback.

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It is the band's last album to be released from Elektra Records. What they've delivered is a record that follows through on the neo-grunge and soul-baring, sensitive journal entries of Break the Cycle. The same things that probably got you here. Post-grunge alternative rock alternative metal. It also showcases a heavier side to the band on selected tracks, and emphasizes a balance between both styles of the band's sound.

All lyrics are property and copyright of their respective owners and are provided for educational purposes only. It's not what it was before. Famous was originally set to be released in May, but was pushed back to add more songs to the album. You've drifted off, somewhere alone. As a result, Crossfade parted ways with Columbia Records.

Not everything in life is, handed on a plate. Because there's truth to what you say. Are you afraid of what they think?