Suman Kalyanpur Songs

The point is Suman also excelled and was very close to Lata in both. She did deserve even better. Na jaane kaise pal menin badal jaate hain -Badalte Rishte ii.

Shama se koi kah de is my special favourite. That Sumanji had great talent is undisputed. His forceful writing may bless us with the informaion we have been longing for. Lata Mangeshkar vs Noorjehan.

Does this mean Suman Kalyanpurji was in any ways inferior to Lataji. The reason I am coming back to my own blog is that I just dicovered a beautiful Suman Kalyanpur solo. This song is a proof that Suman Kalyanpur was also recognised as a great singer in her own right, nissan primera p11 service manual and not just as a replacement for Lata Mangeshkar.

Din ho ya raat hum rahen tere saath with Rafi. Therefore, any averment that she is a lesser singer is unnecessary.

They say it is not uncommon for the same singer to give playback for two actors in the same song. Such availability takes away that feeling of anxiety and excitement in waiting, something which belonged to the era we all are nostalgic about. Interesting qawwali muqaabla picturised on the comedian Birbal? We hope you continue your engagement with us.

Suman Kalyanpur

Very informative article but misses many Suman gems which have since been highlighted by others. The song was composed by Dr.

Tum mard nikaaloge ghoonghat with Rafi -Reporter Raju ii. But was it her first hindi film song? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Behna ne bhai ki kalayee se pyar bandha hai. There is nothing which is not there.

The SoY owes a great deal to the knowledgeable and passionate readers, too. Oh I would love to meet her, she is for me the epitome of Mother Saraswathi.

Suman Kalyanpur

As a matter of fact, I am myself discovering a number of hidden gems through this blog. But even if you take out all the songs which may sound Lata-ish, you still have a large number of duets in which she adds something distinct, beautiful and everlasting. They sound similar but there is lot of difference if you carefully listen. Suman Kalyanpur truly deserved much better professionally than what she received. Burman Da, the two decided to reconcile and started singing duets.

Khushiyan Hazar le ke dil ka qarar le ke with Usha Mangeshkar. You had to play the role of mediator unnecessarily. Surely it was post-dated as it has a few Mukesh numbers who, by that time, had left us. When I hear them I feel like doing a series on such forgotten composers who gave unforgettable melodies.

She has given us some songs which will be cherished forever. Finally, there is one singer, who, if Lata didi had not been there in industry for some reasons, whatsoever, would have delivered the pure melody to the golden period of songs. Many of her songs solo or duets are out of this world. Having said and done all I love the forum that enriches us in so many ways.

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Now who is the real Robin needs to be traced. SoY has attracted a large number of very committed and knowledgeable followers. It is like the most people are afraid to write something negative of her as inthis case that sumanji is better than her. Initially, Shobha Khote is also taken in by the disguise, but once she recognises her lover, she also winks and continues the charade. The scales can be considered even higher for the great male singers like Rafi or Mahendra Kapoor, The song has several references in the discussions to the main article herein.

Suman Kalyanpur outshines Lata Mangeshkar Songs Of Yore

Nice song you have mentioned. Some knowledgeable people I referred to confirm that it is only one singer Lata Mangeshkar.

Hemant Kumar-Lata Mangeshkar duets. Nigaahen na phero chale jaayenge hum Magar yaad rakhna ke yaad aayenge hum. Fortunately its video is also available. Even during the period of the said rift, you do get Rafi-Lata duets.

List of songs by Suman Kalyanpur

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