Taija Rae - Sex Appeal

Of course, she has to try out each of her potential playmates in scene after scene of full-throttle sexual fire.

Erotic auteur Henri Pachard dishes up a sinfully delicious tale of a wedding reception gone sexually haywire in She's So Fine. Only now we see her at home, as well as on top of story office buildings, socking villains.

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Jennifer and her husband decide to seperate due to their different sexual desires.

And memorable it certainly turns out to be as the girls reveal themselves to their lucky dates for the occasion, and the boys in turn graphically relive their summer experiences.

She's going to the chapel and she's gonna get married.

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Hunnicut, a beautiful divorcee with a kinky hobby using sophisticated electronic equipment, she can listen and record people in passion across the canyons from her hill top home.

Play dead and see how Nurse Grace tries to pump and inject some life into you. If you want pounding, non-stop action, peeking into Slit Skirts is a sure cure for whatever ails you. Diners, trucks, motels, pools.

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They are eventually caught by the captain and placed in the brig. Synopsis This stunning sexvid from stars Eric Edwards as a world famous actor whose erotic exploits with the ladies are legendary.

They're after our most guarded secrets. The only way to convince the sheik is to get him laid- and they do, with hilarious results. In film footage never before seen, this vibrant sexual Venus makes love with all the passion and desire that consumed her life.

Joanna is the niece of an old pirate named Flint, who was the right-hand man of the famous Captain Ahab.

They're after our most guarded secrets