The Diet Cure By Julia Ross

Ross also shows us how to correct these imbalances. In all likelihood, your body craves fat, the good kind, and Ross explores lifelong, sustainable solutions to wellness.

Atkins specifically did not recognize the addictive power of grains, particularly wheat, for many people. Especially helpful for anorexics, bullimics, yo-yo dieters, vegetarians or vegans, pre- or menopausal women - hey, th An older book so outdated in some advice eg. Open Preview See a Problem?

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It sounds great in theory, and I have no doubt that she has seen results, but I am wondering if this is all just a self regimented placebo effect. It's very interesting to read how nutrition and specifically amino acid intake could affect our brain chemistry and as a result our moods. An older book so outdated in some advice eg. Additionally, she touts eating right for your blood type and food combining which had the factual lids blown off them a long time ago.

Atkins did not know that carbs could be more addictive than cocaine. It guides the reader through the domain of supplements to create a personalized wellness plan. It didn't work for me, I was out the cost of the books, all the money I spent for the pills and my urine smelled like it was a biohazard. This is an anti-diet book.

The author has a great writing style too. As with all diet books, you take what you need and leave what you don't. Skip the explanations that fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are good for you. If you really, earnestly want to lose weight, you're not going to find answers here. So, several points answered many questions for me for the first time.

If this works it will literally be life changing! Using amino acids to jump-start the program, readers create a safe, customized, easy-to-follow plan to end their food obsessions and attain their ideal healthy weight for good. She's obviously a low carb, high fat p I just finished this.

It helped me to set up the elimination diet to figure out the culprits, identified which supplements I should be taking to start healing, and pointed me those areas I needed to learn more about. Trying the amino acids and eating plan this week.

This will help cure the physical imbalances. If you really, earnes I read this and, along with her other book, The Mood Cure, she basically puts you on a regimen of herbal supplements. Trivia About The Diet Cure. The Diet Cure by Julia Ross.

It warrants some more research as I found the subject fascinating. My mind felt clear and it helped me curb my sweet tooth. The doses given are not at all extreme or super-low. This book is jam packed with tons of information.

The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats give more detail and references. Some actually new-to-me information, mostly around supplements and amino acids. Everything is cited and researched so well. See this thread for more information.

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The Diet Cure by Julia Ross

There are some dietary points that I do not agree with, but this is a great reference book that I keep handy. She writes that the reason her clinic is so successful is because of the use of amino acid therapy to correct these biochemical imbalances in the brain and elsewhere. Next, I plan to see if the amino supplementation combined with dietary change will make a difference for me.

Many of her similar suppositions are untrue and it dilutes her message. Really interesting information.

Upon reviewing it with a dietitian, I have a sustainable plan that supports optimum health. It explains that low calorie diets just don't work, google chrome spanish and that when we eat foods we are allergic to or that feed a Candida problem we create food cravings. Low calorie diets can leave you adrenally exhausted and even fatter than when you started too.

My ravenous carb cravings have pretty much disappeared due to her advice. If you struggle with your weight, this is worth looking at. While some of the science, or the author's conclusions raised some questions for me, much does fit with more and more of the science that I have seen. This book assumes that the reader already knows health foods from junk foods.

Julia Ross Cures

Easy to read, easy to use. It hasn't been life changing so far but I think it makes a difference.

In my opinion, overeating has both and emotional and a physical aspect to it. This book was a godsend for me. The crazy thing is that I began to feel better almost instantly. It really is the only way, unfortunately, and you can save your money on this book and her plan. This book is still miles better than a vast number of unhelpful low-calorie and anti-fat books out there though, for sure.

Surprisingly fantastic, except for being too long, and repetitive. While I didn't pick up this book in an attempt to lose weight, her in-depth discussions about healthy weight loss This book was a godsend for me.

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This was a great find for me, and it actually does work. It's worth reading to see an alternative or complementary method for treating some of today's more pervasive health issues. The information in this book is good for the most part, and the research seems to be there. Also, this is the first time that I saw wheat and other gluten-containing grains identified as types of grass.

Your food cravings overeating and failed diets are not your fault