And I did my best to make it good

The workers cum in my face

Suddenly he pulledHe made me swallow itAfter servicing them they made meAs I moved

You need to be rough fucked everyday. By fuck, before we're through with you, you'll be sucking our cocks and anything else we tell you to. When I was relaxed Hercules stood, looked down at my well-used hole and guided his cock head into the tender opening. Brad started cutting away my shirt while Ryan pulled off my sneakers and socks. Tell me how you like being fucked.

There was a strange pleasantness toThe rope bitThey made me

The scene just aroused him immensely, and now he was ready to have his way with me. He paused for a few seconds then quickly pulled his cock out of my overflowing cum filled ass and rubbed it on my stomach. Ryan stepped behind me and with one hard pull, ripped away my only remaining piece.

That's when they made me crawl

Me and some of my buddies are having a few beers and shoot'en some pool. The rope bit deep into my flesh.

Me and some

Or else, he said, he'd have to let Brad start all over again. After servicing them, they made me lick their balls once again and thank them for allowing me the privilege of worshipping their cocks.

He ordered me to open my mouth. After that they had me get on my knees, and spread my legs, and masturbate for them until I came. As I moved between his legs to examine his long uncut cock and low hanging balls. There was a strange pleasantness to the pain as he inched his huge cock deep into my body. As I released his balls, he spread his legs and shoved my head into his ass crack.

Terry told me to lie on my back and put my legs on his shoulders. Birdie grabbed the back of my head muttered something in Spanish, and held me down on his cock. One hot and humid night, I found my brother's of sweat glistening hot masculine body just too sexy.

The bulges at the front of

The men all gave me a subtle acknowledgement. Then they played with me, as though I were a toy. Brad tied my wrists together behind my back. Get in the shower and bend over. He just smiled and said he wanted to watch Hercules fuck me as he moved back behind the table to watch the cock go into my ass.

He ordered me toOr else heAfter that they had me

That's when they made me crawl some more for them. Suddenly he pulled his ass off my face, told me to lick his balls. He made me swallow it all. They made me stand, facing the edge of the table. The bulges at the front of their jeans left no doubt.