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This article is written like a personal reflection or opinion essay that states a Wikipedia editor's personal feelings about a topic. Generally a rights of passage thing. Spurs can be earned by women now. Tina Marie Kersten Lightfoot. How dare she or anyone, try to diminish that by lying.

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Everyone has a role to play and as long as you give it your all then be proud of what you do. Since my medical retirement from the Army, I have become a bit of a military history nut, and am thinking of trying to put together a book about local heroes.

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She gives all of us a bad name. He also respects Ray as a well-meaning, if generally absent, father, in the pattern of Frank.

Lois is a housewife, and traveled around on fundraisers. He often rants in a nasal, whiny voice. And there was only one other female since then to earn it, and that was Spc. Although some soft skill, do nothing people sometimes get covered in the unit-blanket awards, these are viewed like a leg wearing a maroon beret. Having a good supply section can make deployments so much easier.